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Before the tragic events of September 11th 2001 i was a lost soul with really no purpose or motivation in life. After that horrible event it opened my eyes and forced me to search for truth. Im my search for my own answers i have read and viewed that of many others on the same path as me. In all of this mess i realised what i was actually doing yet felt that something else was missing. I was using my brain to find problems but wasnt actually doing or thinking of any ways to actually solve them. Just look at the whole picture of what our forefathers did themselves and youll see that our situation is indeed exactly the same but unlike them we really dont have anywhere to run. We must stand fast and use our indivdual ability as a human to become investigators and problem solvers. Stand fast to your MORAL beliefs. Know that if your intentions in any decision is that of whats the best for everyone and not just yourself. Pointing out the problems to the misinformed people doesnt give them any plausable solution or decision or direction that would allow them to deviate in the direction they themselves are going.
Investigate - Inform - Solutions
"Whats Best For Everyone Will Always Be Whats Best For You"