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46 years old, self employed truther. I woke up about a year ago after watching O'reilly interviewing Prof. Barrett. O'reilly failed to answer any questions or even confront the subject. All he did was call names and yell at Mr. Barrett. That spurred me to go on the internet and investigate. Before that day, I was the sole Bush supporter in my family. I would defend him at all our get togethers and holidays when politics became the subject.
I felt enraged when I started to investigate, I soon found and watched Loose Change and found Infowars site. Ive been converted since that day and every day Im more motivated to see the "Truth" come out.
When I found this site about 6 months ago, I knew I found my homepage. Ive been a daily visitor of this site for about 6 months and thought its about time I should register. Before now, I was concerned for my safety and privacy, but I dont care any more..Let them come for me. I'd rather be in a FEMA camp with true Americans, than free in the company of these evil criminals.