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Well let me tell ya. I was born at the end of the baby boom generation in Chicago. Was the first baby born in Marina Towers, where one of our neighbors was Murray "The Camel" Humphreys, an associate of Al Capone.

The Bush Administration wanted war with Iraq before they even came into office. Their reasons were money, oil, empire, and Daddy's unfinished business. However they knew the American people would not support a war. They needed to create an incident to make Americans angry and afraid and blame the incident on foreigners. 9/11 was that incident. Bush later admitted at a press conference that nobody from Iraq had anything to do with 9/11. However this was after he and his entire administration pushed very hard to invade Iraq because of 9/11. The connection was very clear, at least the propaganda about it. Of course the fact is that 9/11 was done by persons and groups inside the U.S. government, not by Iraqis. Bush lied, and thousands upon thousands died.

I found out about 9/11 in June, 2006 when I saw Loose Change on

On 9/11/9 two friends and I went freeway blogging over I-80 in Davis. That was a first for all of us.

Freeway blogging can be fun and I encourage all truth activists to try it as long as you don't have sensitive hearing. Freeway blogging is an inherently noisy activity. Once in a while a truck goes by and blasts its horn which is a LOT louder than the other trucks' horns, which are a lot louder than cars. This extreme noise can be harmful to your hearing. Don't take the risk!

Learn about freeway blogging in all its complexity from my website

and from these videos by We Are Change L.A.

You can find all their youtube freeway blogging videos (of WACLA.ORG) through these links.

Know your rights to freedom of political speech. In California be familiar with (and take copies with you of)
the California Civil Code, Section 52.1, which prohibits anybody, even a cop, from interfering with a person's exercise of Constitutional rights.

Feel free to email me at the address connected with this website or

Keep up your work for Truth, Justice, Accountability, and Peace!


Elk Grove, CA