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I started as an eco-activist and then as an anti-W. Bush activist. I had joined a Utopian community when I was very young and discovered, after too many years, that it was a fraud - at least the organization was. That was the continuation of my interest in "secret" knowledge. We, a group of us, unmasked the Guru's fraud. That experience gave me a familiarity with mind control and power of suggestion issues. I was a latecomer to 9/11 truth. I also contend, as opposed to many of my fellow 911 friends, that there actually will be, eventually, a real petroleum shortage - at least for the peons, those who are low-on-the-totem pole. I believe the idea/dream of unlimited energy is truly a myth for the human population at this stage. Even if the shattering of that myth also plays into the hands of those who would enslave us. I hope I'm wrong on that. For purely selfish reasons.

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