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Loose Change held me spellbound. That was about five months ago, and my life has not been the same since. I have now seen many movies, read many articles, and spoken to many people about 9/11. Although I am still new to the online community, I have emailed links to all my friends, family, local media, various members of national media, headmasters, high school and college faculty, strangers, etc... I have persistently tried to also follow up and respectfully/assertively defend my statements with evidence. The 9/11 Truth movement stands at the forefront of a gigantic opportunity for change. To my mind, the people behind 9/11 have placed an enormous bet on the ignorance of the American people, just as they have so many times for so many years. But what they did not anticipate is the speed of information in the modern era. It is no longer so easy to suppress and confine information. Each day more and more people are finding out the facts and pressure is growing fast. Our generation does not feel helpless, we feel empowered. I am therefore dedicated to informing and connecting people in an effort to restore the highest ideals of mankind: peace, justice and equality.

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