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i was a union ironworker along with my brother who passed away last year . my brother and his union partner worked the 2nd shift at ground zero they would go through a new pair of work boots a week and knee pads.cuz the debri pile was so hot their work boots and knee pads would melt and become useless with in a weeks time . right after the towers fell my brother was on the debri pile and him and his partner would tell us how the debri pile would be lifted off the ground by huge explosion under the debri pile . now this is tons of steel being lifted off the ground a whole foot in the air while my brother , union ironworkers and firemen looking for any signs of life was still on this pile of rubble . they had cranes that would snap their cables cuz 1 , 20 foot section of steel collumn was too heavy to lift . so imagine the explosive power it took to lift the the whole debri pile a whole foot off the ground . these explosions lasted days after 911 the ironworkers was told it was probobly burning car`s in the garages below . which we all now know is a lie because the under ground garages was intact with no fire damage at all . the people for truth should ask these ironworkers question they seen the molten steel 1st hand . now me as an ironworker i know jet fuel cant melt steel or even get it red hot . my brother and the rest of the ironworkers at ground zero needed lancing rods to cut the steel from ground zero . regular cutting torches wasnt powerful enough to cut steel that thick . a regualar cutting torch with a number 5 tip burns at around 5800 - 6000 degrees and with all that controled heat those union ironworkers couldnt cut the steel at ground zero . they had to bring in lancing rods to cut the steel . now lancing rods are not common in the ironworking world . so for any 1 to say jet fuel had the energy to get 1 of those collumns red hot is a LIAR let alone melt it my brothers union partner has some good photos of ground zero . these 2 guy`s was at ground zero until january of 2002 they was there that long cuz they was the best at what we do . so outting the liars behind 911 is my mission so e mail me anytime you want