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I was always interested in 9/11 but put my thoughts aside because of what everyone (friends, media etc) were telling me. I was a skeptical person. I started getting interested in natural cures for disease by various people who were talking about the subject. Dr. Lorraine Day, Scott Kennedy, Dr. James Chapell, Kevin Trudeau from suffering from my own issues. I believe that the government is suppressing natural cures for disease to keep people sick and they are outlawing natural remedies and natural companies one by one. This is what led me to investigate more on 9/11 and look at the footage and look everything everyone was bringing up. The facts, etc. It's scary. It is. It's scary and it's screwed up that these people could do something like this. I think these are two of the largest cover ups and hopefully one day, the truth will come out because I personally don't want to be living in a "police state" having random "terrorist" attacks that aren't even from terrorists but our own country putting fear into people for there own agendas.