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I am a fire lieutenant with the Bridgeport Ct. Fire dept. I arrived @Vessy st. 8pm 9/11 w/4others from my department. I was one of the many who was pulling phones ever so gingerly out of the pile and putting piece by piece into bckets for the first week so as not to disturb those hollowed remains. Then more and more interference began in the work FDNY was doing. It wasn't going fast enough I guess?
For the first year after I visibly cried with anger when 9/11 was mentioned. On the 5th aniversary I just choked back the tears. One of my firefighters introduced me to your video. I watched the whole thing and never shed a tear. First time, wasn't even angry. It was the first time I ever heard of or saw this. It was almost like a relief. I kept asking myself questions, so obvious, and then answer myself that I was just thinking crazy. It's like Jeffrey Domar, No human being expects another human to act that way so we just dismiss it, and so I just dismissed my questions and cried and tried to stop feeling helpless. Man,your clip drove something home for me. Thank you for restoring my sanity. I would appreciate any opportunity to help.
Paul Neugebauer