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I am a scientist working on topics related to Applied Physics, Computer Science, and Mathematical Engineering.

Within half a year of 9/11 I started to doubt the official story, because of the suspicious circumstances surrounding the events. The stonewalling by the Bush administration of a 911 investigation led me to question whether they actually had knowledge prior to the event, but just let it happen for political reasons. I also considered the possibility that elements affiliated with the U.S. government made 911 happen, but I dismissed this initially, due to a lack of hard evidence.

That all changed many years later when I saw a video of the collapse of building WTC7, and I started to investigate the collapses of all three WTC towers in more detail. The evidence has led me to seriously doubt the U.S. government’s story, and I think the only appropriate cause of action now is to restart a full and independent investigation into the events of 911.