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I have a doctorate in philosophy and have been researching 911 and the emerging problems of global modernity since early 2002. 200 years of industrialization has led us all to the brink of global peak oil and the beginnings of runaway global warming, a great extinction epoch and accelerating resource problems as the world population continues to increase by around 200 000 people a day.

As far as I'm concerned 911 was a geopolitical response by US elites to the mere threat of the approaching crossover in global oil demand and geophysical limits on global oil extraction. Peak oil threatens not only a move to authoritarian police states at home and predatory wars abroad along with yet more false flag state terrorism to drive public support for this emerging fascism, but over the longer term it also implies a massive, radical and sustained change in our basic way of life as we transition to alternative energy sources and the economic/political order they support.