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The End of Discussion Boards and Blogs

I must bring this up since it seems to me like an important issue. It would seem that this freedom crushing administration wants to put Liberals and Truth Seekers back in the dark. I read recently that John McCain ispushing for monitoring and/or fining blog sites in order to shut them up and/or shut them down. I am sure if passed it would effect every blog, including this one. They use the "Protect the Children" bill as an excuse, but I have never heard of a real blog effecting or hurting a child. It seems to me that Washington has caught on that the internets are not just a series of tubes and wires, but that it is an outlet for like minded people to discuss politics and what is wrong in our country. Yahoo has recently shut down their discussion boards and while
many of the posts were sometimes vile or insulting, many were about the truth and corruption going on in Washington today. One disussion dealing with Iraq as a topic had 2,980,000 posts and many were against the war and against Bush. Yahoo pulled in millions of hits a day from these boards so it didn't really make any
sense that they would shut them down unless they were pressured from an outside source. It just seems that