The End of Discussion Boards and Blogs

I must bring this up since it seems to me like an important issue. It would seem that this freedom crushing administration wants to put Liberals and Truth Seekers back in the dark. I read recently that John McCain ispushing for monitoring and/or fining blog sites in order to shut them up and/or shut them down. I am sure if passed it would effect every blog, including this one. They use the "Protect the Children" bill as an excuse, but I have never heard of a real blog effecting or hurting a child. It seems to me that Washington has caught on that the internets are not just a series of tubes and wires, but that it is an outlet for like minded people to discuss politics and what is wrong in our country. Yahoo has recently shut down their discussion boards and while
many of the posts were sometimes vile or insulting, many were about the truth and corruption going on in Washington today. One disussion dealing with Iraq as a topic had 2,980,000 posts and many were against the war and against Bush. Yahoo pulled in millions of hits a day from these boards so it didn't really make any
sense that they would shut them down unless they were pressured from an outside source. It just seems that
the Government has come to fear instant news and public comments. It would seem that the endless amounts
of information on the Internet made a serious difference in the outcome of the November elections and that many
Americans are now more open to learning about what is going on around them from a political standpoint. It is
also evident that when a great number of people come together on the same issue a great deal can be learned
and new lies and corruption can be exposed or evaluated in a new light. So I must ask you, how do you feel
about being cast back into the dark. Here we are in the information age, and they don't want you getting that
information. What do they fear? What do they have to hide? What information are they trying to kill? The truth!
Keep an eye out, I feel the death of our freedom to speak coming into full form over the next few months. As
they shut them all down and find new excuses to lable the truth as something evil, it will then be clear to us all.


Yes the internet has them on the ropes.A way to get
taboo topic's from getting to the American people.
You can bet they will try their best at controlling it
like they do the major media.
This is something we can't let happen.

what a futile endeavor

it would be to even ATTEMPT to stifle free speech on the internet. Think of the manpower it would take. IT would be like that carnival game - wack a mole. wack one mole and another one pops up somewhere else. they would be chasing their tails, and probably making the propaganda spin even worse for themselves.

let them even TRY.

It is the same issue with

It is the same issue with peer-to-peer networks.  They don't care if you have to hunt to find the music/movies/apps that do exist via the internet, they are not concerned.  But if there is a vehicle to make it simple enough for Joe Sixpack to download Britney Spears, then they pay attention (ala Napster - the early days).


I was introduced to the

I was introduced to the world of 9/11 theories through Yahoo message boards in 2003. Fast forward to 2006 and literally every news story's board had at least one person talking about 9/11 Truth. Even the people who were lambasting it were actually helping it by getting the discussion out there. Yahoo boards were a major meeting point for newcomers to 911 Truth. If the article even mentioned WTC or 9.11 or controlled demolition or anything related, there would be tons of people talking about how the official story is BS. Then I would notice newcomers asking about it. Minds being opened up. Then, on Dec. 19, suddenly the boards were permanently removed with nothing replaced. A complete massive silencing. If McCain thinks he's gonna ban blogs, he's got another thing coming to him. Clearly they want to. And they will try. And we will resist. The Revolution has already begun. And they know it.


Problem-reaction-solution usually works very well for governments. Children are being hurt by blogs, we need to help the children, place burdensome restraints on blogs. The problem is I don't know how many people could fall for this. It is obviously an assault on the freedom of speech.

I personally think we'll be able, through the cooperation and labor of thousands of people, to figure out this 9/11 puzzle before they can put the muzzle on the internet. God knows they want to. The mainstream media is completely owned and operated by powerful corporate interests, and they would love to extend that control over the internet. If they do somehow accomplish this, and don't think it isn't possible, there will likely never be such a frontier for free speech again. They're definitely sweating.

Isn't it obvious?

Isn't it obvious that this board is about shutting down the truth?

Ask dz why he is a gatekeeper and locks out the truth. eh?
Ask dz why he doesn't approve blogs that don't support the (evolving) official story.
Ask dz why he collects user information on all visitors to this site.

Ask dz why he has a partner, Alex Floum (GeorgeWashington), to help police the site, when he knows Alex Floum is an OP.

Ask dz why he continues to work with someone who has done and continues to do illegal and immoral acts in an effort to destroy the truth movement.

To learn more about the evidence against Floum, listen to channel 2 from 3-5pm CST. A long-time truth activist will be speaking about the history of the truth movement as well as the methods the OPs use to undermine the truth movement.