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Message about 9/11 to listserv on international law

Commenting on my earlier blog with a message to a listserve of the American Society of Internal Law, Student suggested:

"If it were me, I would keep the 9-11 references somewhat rare, until and unless someone ventures to comment or ask or argue on those topics. If it comes to arguments, I would suggest that you stay most respectful. It works better. Even in the face of blatant attacks, that works best, in my observation."

This is good advice. There are two problems: (1) The majority of the topics on the list take 9/11 as an underlying, unquestioned premise; (2) It's been almost 6 years since 9/11, and abundant evidence has been publicized that should make the need for a real investigation, and the need to quit taking the official story for granted, abundantly obvious.

I'm not interested in pandering, nor in wasting my time. My messages have been provocative, and have been ignored so far. I want some discussion of these issues by lawyers and law professors, but I also want to express my shame in the response to 9/11 of the American legal profession.


Counterpunch acknowledges false-flag attack

and recognizes a coverup that has lasted 40 years.

Website of the Weekend
A Podcast Interview with Cpt. Ward Boston on the USS Liberty

Counterpunch links to Electric Politics, an excellent website run by George Kenney, who resigned from the State Department in 1991 over disagreement with U.S. policy on Yugoslavia.

I don't know much about the Liberty incident and whether the interviewee is credible, but Kenney interviews the chief counsel to the Navy's Board of Inquiry on the Liberty incident.

Here, he says "I didn't speak up earlier because I was told not to."

Message to lawyers listserv about need for evidence

I am on a listserv of the American Society of International Law that discusses issues such as torture and the "war on terror."

Two weeks I got a message about Phillip Zelikow that was critical of his position on torture. Someone from Germany wrote that 9/11 had been a "surreal TV spectacle" for her, which is why I begin with that phrase in the message below.

What shocks me is that I have gotten no response whatsoever, not even an attack for being a "conspiracy theorist."

I know I'm still on the list and people get my messages, as this message was sent to me through the listserv and I have since posted another message on a mundane topic and gotten a response. Anthony D'Amato of Northwestern Law School, whose article I cite, is on the listserv but had no response.

I left the bad formatting and mistakes the same.

Re: PEGC Update/Zelikow

9/11 was a surreal TV spectacle for most people throughout the United
States and the world.

my personal stories of activism

I don't know if this is activism, but this was my initial reaction to 9/11:

In autumn 2001, I called in to NPR Seattle and asked a question about why the planes weren't stopped. I can't remember the show and could not find a link. My recollection is that this guy was being interviewed, but I could be wrong:

I wrote this letter, on my own time, because I thought it was the right thing to do:

I now feel like an idiot for wasting my time on this, but at the time, it seemed like the right thing to do.

After that, I don't think I did anything about 9/11, but it has been on my mind. I know I was speaking out about and marching against the war during this time, just as I had spoken about and marched against the bombing of Serbia.

In 2005 or 2006 I joined a listserv in Seattle about 9/11, and they announced a meeting about 9/11 on 10/28/2006. Judy Wood, Morgan Reynolds, and Wayne Madsen spoke.

I don't remember anything Wayne Madsen said.