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Conspiracies, JFK/9-11: Grassy Knoll shooter confesses

For those unfamiliar, this is the relatively recent, recorded confession with correlating information supporting the case that JFK was murdered by a CIA/Mafia cadre.

These are just introductory links where there are numerous articles & videos online by the researching author, Wim Dankbaar.

While the documentation is relatively new to myself, I would estimate the legitimacy of such facts corroborates the hypothesis that a criminal operation like 9/11 is historically possible in the United States.

God bless you, JFK and many thanks to our pioneering researchers
(inc. Jim Marrs, an acknowledged 9/11 Truther)

Temple University Truth group announces campus demonstrations

Collectively formed in Fall 2006, Temple 9/11 Truth is a student-based group dedicated to investigating the inconsistencies of 9/11 and bringing its fraudulent omissions to light.

As read in part from the group's Mission statement:

"We as accepting students of a university purportedly dedicated to the pursuit of education and knowledge, we as concerned citizens of a nation dedicated to justice and
liberty, we as benevolent human beings dedicated to the prosperity and longevity of life, must rectify what occurred on the eleventh of September year two thousand and one, for
not only the safety of our generation but for the future generations of this world."

"Even though this group's title is Temple 9/11 Truth, all those who agree or disagree with the official story are welcome. We encourage everyone to maintain a critical perspective and discuss their views openly."

Outreach rallies have been held at Bell Tower Square and are informally scheduled on Wednesday morning and afternoons, group meetings on Thursday. All are welcome to participate and engage the topic of that fateful day and related issues.