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Dr. Griffin's Talk Inspires Front Page Coverage in Ashland Daily Tidings

Greetings again friends of truth.

FYI, as a direct result of Dr. Griffin's speaking engagement at So. Oregon University, The Ashland Daily Tidings wrote not one, but two FRONT PAGE ARTICLES (above and below the fold and 1 column width shy of the entire FRONT PAGE - which wrapped on to page A3). Read all about it via the links below.

FYI, we had over 300 people at David's talk which ended just hours ago.
Please call your local newspapers, TV Stations, give them dvds, send them emails, talk to them nicely, be persistant, make your points, be clear, show them the way to truth, 9/11 styleé.

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May 23, 2007
Truth movement superstar visits SOU

May 23, 2007
Holes in the story

"9/11: The elephant that will not leave" Ashland Daily Tidings Op/Ed 5/21/07

Greetings Friends of Truth!

It just keeps getting better. For those who have not yet read the May 21st, 2007, Ashland Daily Tidings, (Ashland, Oregon, USA) Op/Ed piece (see link and full story below), please prepare yourselves for an awesomely pleasant surprise. This Op/Ed piece was written 4 days in advance of noted theologian Dr. David Ray Griffin's first appearance in Ashland, Oregon, USA.

This is now the 2nd Op/Ed piece from the Ashland Daily Tidings in six months calling into question the events of 9/11 and again going on record calling for an open and complete investigation into the questions surrounding the 9/11 mysteries!

Please forward and post/link this beauty FAR & WIDE. This Train Is Moving!!!

Contact the other sleeping media. Wake them from their slumber...

May It Bloom a Thousand Flowers!

All aboard for 9/11TruthNow!!!

9/11: The elephant that will not leave

Nearly six years after the attacks of Sept. 11, the issue remains undiminished, lumbering around as American leaders still pretend it does not exist.

But the doors of truth, once guarded by ridicule, have slowly parted to reveal reasonable, rational lingering questions that cannot be dismissed by scoffing. Local area activists have joined a nationwide movement that has propelled the memory of 9/11 into political arenas that once regarded the topic taboo. On Thursday, Southern Oregon University will host David Ray Griffin, a highly regarded theologian and the author of three books questioning the Bush administration's explanation of 9/11.

Pentagon - Black, Upside Down "U" Shaped something or other!

Anybody else see an upside down "U" shaped black, sooty marking/signature, as seen from this IKONOS satellite image taken on 12 Sept. 01 by the US Govt? Web link:

go to second row of images, second image from left (9/12/01 date)


Once Upon a Time in the West

"Bush & Co. Double Speak Set to Music & Video. Priceless!"