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"Lil 9/11"

This video entitled "Lil 9/11" is part of an MTV sketch comedy show. It speaks for itself...


Personal Comments:

The whole country is up in arms about Rosie and her decision to publicly question the official story.

Imus is fired for saying..well, you know what he said..

And now, this comes out and everyone is OK with it?!

I'm still in shock.

Columbus 9/11 Truth is the Columbus Dispatch

The following letters are in response to this Johan Goldberg editorial entitled "Rosie's Rants Aren't Worthy of TV Airing".

Reasonable people can question 9/11

Tuesday, April 10, 2007 3:33 AM

Columnist Jonah Goldberg claimed that we shouldn't have to argue with crazy people, but in addressing his Thursday Forum column, "Rosie's rants aren't worthy of TV airing," that is exactly what I must do.

Truth Stage 2 in Columbus

It's official. C911T has reached stage 2. We may have only started this endeavor 3 months ago but people are talking.

Take this site for example:

9/11 "Truth"

I think this just about sums up everything I would have said. And it shows why the "9/11 was an Inside Job" folks make me sick

Here is the video that is included.


"We show you the cover so if you ever see anyone carrying it, push them down a flight of stairs"

This is from a member of the "progressive" community here in Columbus.

But fear not, It's not just "progressives".