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9/11 Truth on Fox News Boston - Oct. 10, 2007

9/11 Truth sign on Fox News Boston on October 10th, 2007. Thanks to the guy who did this. Keep it up, people.

Sorry for the poor video and audio.

9/11 Freeway Blogging - Boston, MA - 10/5/06

Posted signs on 4 bridges this morning in the Boston area. Here are 3 of the bridges...

Woburn, MA
9/11 Freeway Blogging

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9/11 Freeway Blogging - Boston, MA

9/11 Freeway blogging in the Boston, MA area (Woburn, MA to be exact).


This is a very visible bridge in Woburn, MA that has had US flags plastered all over it since 9/11.  There are often signs posted welcoming home troops on this bridge. 

I decided to post my own brand of patriotism this morning.

CLICK HERE to see more images.

My 7 ft by 4 ft sign was up for at least 2 hours this morning.  I will check back later today to see if it is still up.  I will be making and posting more signs in the coming weeks.

Happy Freeway Blogging.