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Thermite Timeline for Demolition of Structures


In 1972 Pyronol.RTM. was patented

Google Patents 3695951

"A suitable container may be of the one described in co-application Der. No. 74,434 filed Sept 22, 1970, entitled "Incendiary Torch" by Horace H. Helms, Jr. Alexander G. . . . The material is sealed into said container, which in this case is a torch, is ignited . . . When the pressure inside the container exceeds the strength of the diaphragm the diaphragm fractures and the expanding gases will force the molten material through the nozzle. . . . Alternatively one may add a material to the instant composition which will decompose into a gas or vaporize into a gas when exposed to the heat . . . such as powdered polytetrafluoroethylene (Teflon) or other solid materials."


In 1989 a patent was given for a device used to demolish submerged platforms.

Is the technology available to cut the tower columns with thermite or thermate?

Of course the inventions are available to cut the columns. In this research, I found out a bunch of interesting things with some patent searches. Things like creating a back pressure behind the thermite/thermate material, to force it as a spray. Using ejection design to force the hot material into the steel. The chemical composition of different thermites and thermates. The burning temperature of thermate and thermite. How much steel can a pound of thermite burn through. Pyronol.RTM., once ignited, will attain temperatures between six and twelve thousand degrees Fahrenheit. Wait a minute, will attain temperatures between six and twelve thousand degrees Fahrenheit. Are you kidding me, what’s this Pyronol stuff?

The data and number of patents is overwhelming.

Here’s the URL for the patent office search, just enter the following patent numbers into the search box and click search.

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