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9-11 New World Rising
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Directed by
Josh Reeves
Winner of the Alex Jones"Push the truth" contest
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911 NEW WORLD RISING world premiere Dallas Tx 8-9-07

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Following William Rodriguez August 9th at the lakewood theatre will be the world premiere of 9-11 NEW WORLD RISING:GLOBAL DOMINATION IN THE 21RST CENTURY directed by Josh Reeves,winner of the Alex Jones "push the truth" contest. This film will explore how,who,and why 9-11 occured without attempting to convince the viewer of a certain opinion and will also cover what you can do to wake others up to the new world order's plan for global domination.The film also includes all new orginal footage never before seen,and also features Jim Marrs,Jack Blood,Robert Groden,and members of Dallas 9-11 truth.
The film will begin at 9:30 following William's presentation.
Limited Edition DVD's of the film will also be for sale for 10 Dollars and will be the only chance to own a copy until the full release.

A Special Evening with
September 11 Hero William Rodriguez.
World Premiere of
9-11 New World Rising
Directed by Josh Reeves

The evening of August 9th, 2007

Dallas 9-11 Truth Wins Push the Truth Video Contest

Dallas 9-11 Truth Wins Push the Truth Video Contest
Jones Report | July 16, 2007

Sorry to all for the delay-- we were quite overwhelmed by the vast number of quality entries-- but is pleased to announce Dallas 9-11 Truth Action as the winning video in the Push the Truth action video contest.

There were over 90 entries, nearly all of which demonstrated great quality, artistic merit and information. But only one could win. Alex Jones has decided to name a 2nd place prize as well-- in the name of $100 and 10 copies of Terrorstorm.

Dallas 9-11 Truth Action(Now it's your turn!)

Submission for the Alex Jones "push the truth" video contest by north texans for 9-11 truth

Insurers Agree to Pay Billions at Ground Zero

Insurers Agree to Pay Billions at Ground Zero -

Published: May 24, 2007

The Spitzer administration announced the settlement of all insurance claims at ground zero yesterday, ensuring that $4.55 billion will be available for rebuilding the World Trade Center site.

The agreement, which the insurers described as the largest single insurance settlement ever undertaken by the industry, ended a protracted legal battle with insurers over payouts related to the terrorist attack.

New York State and Port Authority officials said yesterday that the deal removed any uncertainty over how much money would be available for rebuilding and would enable them to obtain private financing for the $9 billion project.