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Discovery of America, Reichstag Fire, Pearl Harbor, Twin Towers, and what next?

By Franz J. T. Lee

On Tuesday, May 17 , 2006, in an article published by Mathaba.Net, I explained the terrorist essence of most political hoaxes used by fascist or imperialist regimes:
"In reality, Columbus did not discover anything whatsoever, yet by means of education, socialization and dissemination of untruths by the international mass media, around him was built up the greatest capitalist, colonial and imperialist myth of all times, a big lie much greater than the fantastic tales related to the 'Reichtagsbrand', 'Pearl Harbor', the 'Blowing up of the Twin Towers' and to Chavez the 'Big Dictator' ".

Of course, by now all serious natural and social scientists know that African Arab peoples were visiting the Caribbean and Central America centuries because Christopher Columbus launched the bloody, genocidal Conquest of the Americas. (ibid.) Yet, in schools and colleges millions of pupils and students are still taught the big lie created half a millennium ago, over and over again. No wonder that they do not question the lies about '9/11'-