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Cheney accused of leaking Khadr tape

Cheney accused of leaking Khadr tape

Steven Edwards
CanWest News Service

Monday, March 03, 2008
NEW YORK - Lawyers for Omar Khadr are to probe whether U.S. Vice-President Dick Cheney's office leaked an incriminating video tape of the Canadian terror suspect, a court filing yet to be made public reveals.
The CBS newsmagazine 60 Minutes ran the footage, which shows Khadr apparently helping make a roadside bomb in Afghanistan, in a report that aired mid-November.
The show's producers refuse to say how they obtained the video, but it's believed very few copies of it existed, and all were designated confidential after being cloned from a master copy seized by U.S. forces in Afghanistan.
In the court filing, Khadr's defence team says Col. Morris Davis, former chief prosecutor of the Military Commission that will try the Canadian at the U.S. Naval Base in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, has stated his belief Cheney's office was responsible for leaking the video.

Worthwhile online videos from CBC and Frontline.

Below is the link to a “Fifth Estate” story about Cheney which is well worth watching. It ironically documents the extent he went to, to avoid fighting in Vietnam. (four draft deferments and a “hardship” exemption because his wife, whom he recently married to avoid going to war, was pregnant.) Coincidentally his child was born nine months after this form of exemption was announced. Got lucky I guess! It also documents his rise to power including many lies and much deceit along the way. Follow the link and scroll down to THE UNAUTHORIZED BIOGRAPHY OF DICK CHENEY.

Frontline also has some good shows. One is called “The Man Who Knew” which is a fascinating story about John O’Neill and another one called “Cheney’s Law”. Here is their link. (i think these must be viewed in at least 1024 * 768 resolution.)