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Oklahoma’s Coburn questions more funding for 9/11 museum

February 2, 2012


Sen. Tom Coburn, a Republican from Oklahoma who isn’t afraid of questioning federal spending for popular projects, is challenging $20 million a year in new funding for the National September 11 Memorial and Museum in New York City.

Mr. Coburn makes it clear that he’s not taking issue with the museum itself, which he says will help those still in pain with their healing process and serve as a reminder to all Americans not to take their freedom for granted.

Instead, in tough budget times, Mr. Coburn questions the rationale behind a bill that would authorize $200 million over the next 10 years for the museum and memorial without finding a way to offset those costs. He also wonders why private contributions from thousands of individuals and numerous corporations, which have flowed to America’s 9/11 Foundation, Inc., during the past decade, aren’t enough.

Seeking photos and biographical info for Barry Jennings

I have written an article for Wikipedia on Barry Jennings (here), and I am looking for at least one good photo of Barry to illustrate the article. If you have such a photo which is your own property and that you would be willing to share with Wikipedia, please consider uploading to Wikimedia Commons at http://commons.wikimedia.org. Links to biographical information on Barry, and photos depicting his history, would also be potentially useful for the article. In particular, biographical information from outside of the 9/11 event and subsequent controversy is desired. For Wikipedia purposes, sources such as blogs, forums, and youtube videos are not usable. Newspaper articles, government documents, and academic papers are preferred. Suggestions on improving the existing article are welcome. Please keep in mind that the information must be presented with a neutral point of view, and that it has to be backed up with "reliable" sources, as described earlier. Thanks!

"Active Thermitic Material" paper is back, with new URL

You may have noticed that the "Active Thermitic Material" paper by Niels Harrit, et al., along with other papers, has been missing from Bentham Open for more than a week. The paper is back, at a new URL: http://www.bentham.org/open/tocpj/articles/V002/7TOCPJ.pdf. Update your links!