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VOTE if You care

I am in a situation where I don't want to vote demorat OR resuculian. I do not want to vote for any of the MANY 3rd Party candiates either. I will not vote for a member of a 3rd party because I believe that doing so equates into not casting a vote at all. When people do not vote they are forfeiting their only right in choosing the possible tenor of things to come. When people vote for a 3rd party candiate they are playing into the hands of each of the parties being that a vote of signifance is not cast against them. I believe that MANY 3rd party candiates represent honest, worthy, and high values. Were it possible for a candidate of my party of choice, the Constitutional Party, I would be out there campaigning and attempting to influence others to vote Constitutional. But there is NO chance of winning even should a Constitutional be on the ballot presented to me. I am not being cynical but I am looking at the whole picture. I really want to see Bush deprived of the power he holds. This being that the rusuclians control both the House and Senate and do his bidding. Maybe, and I employ maybe, were House and Senate majority changed Bush would lose some of the control he currently has.

Office of Reduntcy Office

This is the first time/attempt I have made at writing a blog. By the title I'm sure that you can tell everything that You will see here will probably be no new news to you.
It has recently come to my attention the Iran is willing to sit down with the US govt. and discuss the issues at hand. Problem is the US refuses. I believe the US
govt.s refusal is perpetrated by several issues.
The first of these issues are the US and israels close so-called alliance. Israel collects an average of $16,000,000 per day from the US in grants. Yes I
said grants and not loans. Multiply the $16 mi. by 365 and you might look for the nearest wall to slam your head against. The sick thing about all of that
gifted money is that 1/3 of the people in israel live below the poverty line. The good thing about the gifted money is that it pours back into the USA in the
form of weapons purchases, salaries for lobbyists, and pay-offs for journalists in the mass media.
This process of give and take only rips off the taxpayers of the US (you and I) and funnels the money right to the military/industrial complex.
The Chief Executive of our country is well aware of what is going on and is proud to say, in private, that his supporters are benefiting from these