Springfield, OH for 911 truth. Screening: Improbable Collapse

Join us for a movie, discussion, planning for future events, and the dissemination of the truth.

Respectful response to someone's comment.

Below is a comment that was directed at me. I admittedly don't know about all the psyOP / DARPA / or whatever. The word is Italian, and originates from the Latin vindicta, "vengeance." I would change my name for the movement because justice is above all else in my eyes, and I'm certainly not trying to "push" vendetta or anything like that. I'm sorry that you wasted your time on me.

"Everyone who is pushing the psyOP "sleeper cell" movie V for Vendetta911 or the truthling doku "Vendetta911" (incl. Dave v.Kleist!), is in the biggest league of braindead 9/11 truthling Morons.
The Wacholski Brothers are clear military mindOP insiders who directed "Matrix" to distract from the real multiple matrix psyOp plan, which inspired the 70s movie: "Welt am Draht" (based on "Simulacron III"), the DARPA-/Internet and every VR War Game.
Springfield 911 Truth tries to beat Arizona 9/11 Truth which pushed the loudest Vendetta Hype for this movement Cult.
The Homeland Security is already laughing their ass off :)"



Looks like you managed to attract the attention of Nico Haupt.

Nice response.

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