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Cosmos is a survivor of Mark Rothenberg, a family friend who was murdered on September 11, 2001. Cosmos has been actively pursuing justice for 9/11 since early 2002, when he began investigating some of the glaring inconsistencies in the official account and sharing with others in the nascent online research community. He participated in his first street action for 9/11 truth on the first anniversary of the attacks and shortly afterward co-founded the nation’s first real time activist group, the Northern California 9/11 Truth Alliance. In early 2003, he started a long running public access television show that was one of the first to focus exclusively on 9/11 truth. In February 2007, Cosmos issued the call to action on the Eleventh Day of Every Month until Justice. This ongoing autonomous grassroots campaign has spread around the world and inspired hundreds of actions for the cause for 9/11 truth and justice. The website provides a homebase for this campaign. Cosmos is also the founder of SF Truth Action, the host of Truth Revolution Radio and most recently co-founded and serves as an editor at 9/11 Truth News.