Major Building fire in Venezuela

a huge fire occurred today in caracas venezuela.. it gutted 16 floors and reached 26 floors total.. the fire burned for 17 hours but the 56 floor building remained standing.

compare this to building 7 which was reported on fire around 4:05pm and collapsed around 5:30.. and had minor fires, but collapsed into dust.

on a side note, i have a dvd copy of 'Painful Questions', according to their copyrights i can make as many copies as i want as long as i dont make a profit from them.. so if anyone would like a copy please let me know, i would be more than happy to drop anyone off a copy.


Spammers..... they have been hitting some of the other sites I have been posting valuable info.... I hope this isn't one of the Pentagons weak arse attempts at clogging Blogs