why doesn't the media care?

one of the things that gets me the most is that americans all said they would never forget 911, then they relied on our media to help them understand it. we randomly heard reports about the 'independent' 9/11 commission, then we all assumed that was that. Now the media has not mentioned 9/11 at all in months (except to justify something) and the american people have compeltely forgot about it.

the 'independent' commission was not very independent, but asside from that, over 400 questions were asked by the family steering comittee.. this comittee faught for months against the bush administraiton to get an investigation opened, and then after it was highly underfunded it changed its purpose from answering these ~400 questions to analyzing how to improve our intelligence agencies. they did not anser even 25% of the 400 questions, in fact they directly ignored almost all of the questions asked, and no one cares.

the house and senate demanded an investigation into 9/11 well before the 'independent' commission.. this joint commission had ~23 pages of it blacked out by the government, and no one cares.

where is our media? why is it that now they blatantly ignore these same family members still trying to find answers which they deserve? our media is no longer 'investigative', and is definately not a voice of the people, but perhaps a good lap dog to the administration itself.

with any luck respectful americans will continue to stand up and say what we need to know, and that is the exact details of 9/11 and every aspect surrounding it.

today's good news comes from Kevin Ryan, a site manager at Environmental Health Laboratories (a division of Underwriters Laboratories), his company certified the steel which was used to build the World Trade Center. He is convinced there is no way which the steel failed as is claimed by the official story.

the biggest issue people have with me and my beleif in a government coverup is that people can't understand why our government would let 9/11 happen, or why they would want to cover up anything related to 9/11. well, if they dont have anything to hide, why dont they answer the questions in this recent open letter issued to the president from Karl W. B. Schwarz, President and CEO of Patmos Nanotechnologies, LLC?

why doesnt the media care? there are alot of new 9/11 stories showing up lately.. and when the media does finally take notice and stop ignoring the press converences, joint inquiries, etc. i hope we hold them responsible for taking so long to bring to light the coverup of this administration.

Folks,just make yourself

Folks,just make yourself aware of the ethnic/religious group that ALL of the CEOs of ALL of the broadcasting companies are member's of& note their connection to Israel/mossad, and the media question will be answered.This media control has been in effect since the 1920's.....wake up America.....

Just show me one -just one-

Just show me one -just one- picture of the plane that hit the Pentagon.

well, they will probably

well, they will probably never release the video footage confiscated within minutes of the crash from the on-site gas station, the sheridan hotel directly in the flight path, or the hundreds of cameras which line the pentagon itself.. so you will probably never see any pictures of the plane that hit the pentagon, unless they change their minds..

however, a plane DID hit the pentagon, it would just be nice to have some confirmation it was the right plane.. as karl schwarz has done a pretty good job showing the physical debris does not match the flight in question..

here is his work on the pentagon, some of the best in my opinion: