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Mossad - The Israeli Connection To 911

this article covers Odigo, PTECH, the celebrating middle eastern men who filmed the 9/11 attack and were then deported, and possible Mossad connections..

i dont want any of my new visitors to get upset over the title of this article, or to start thinking that the 9/11 truth movement beleives it was all done by any one group or country.. in fact, most 9/11 researches beleive a few countries, a few intelligence agencies, and both sides of the democratic/republican lines here in the U.S. are culpable to some degree.. but i will leave that up to each of you to research and analyze.

From: Locutus There can be

From: Locutus

There can be no doubt that there is some evidence indicating Mossad involvement, especially from a logistical and technological orientation. But one piece of "evidence" that has troubled me as of late is that of the "dancing" Israelis. First, they were not Mossad. If they had
Mossad connections, there were the most loose and distant kind. I say that because Mossad agents would not be dancing up and down, filming, and then let themselves be caught by the local police. I also say that these subjects were most likely planted by an intelligence agency, possibly the Mossad, to serve as a real time distraction and a walking, talking, dancing, piece of disinformation. So the cops get these (raw Mossad recruits?) rookies downtown, and their job is too brag about how they are connected with the Mossad, etc. Well, the cops end up having nothing to hold them on, and they are deported, according to plan. It should be obvious what such a plan would serve. Even the "Art Students" taken into custody by the DEA were never confirmed as actually being members of the Israeli Special Forces (not Mossad) who were trained in demolition and poly-military equipment operation. If memory serves, that is simply what they told the DEA.
Or perhaps all of these subjects in all of these cases were in fact Mossad agents playing the part to achieve the same results if needed as a future contingency. In any case, I feel there is sufficient cause to perceive some type of layering effect, some intended misdirection involved. "Ohhhhh...the Mossad was involved in 911 because of the dancing guys on the white van! They said the Palestinians are your problem...not us.." Ohhh really? And when it turns out they were "visiting" Art Students bragging about being "Mossad" or "special forces" you are left holding a bag full of ADL excrement and reduced credibility.