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The people over at have setup an art contest which ends on June 1st, head on over that way if you've got some mad art skillz.

A conspiracy exhibition has been setup in Blackpool, UK with a large focus on 9/11.. check out their billboard:

here is a quote from their site:

The World's first Conspiracies Exhibition has opened on sea front in Blackpool, UK and features an extensive section covering September 11th. The exhibtion is showing the documentary In Plane Site continuously.

I would suggest they switch their DVD players to carry The Great Conspiracy and the recently released Confronting the Evidence: A Call To Reopen the 9/11 Investigation. (FREE DVD).. these 2 make up the most solid footage to show to anyone interested on the subject.. in my opinion of course.

Iraq: The unthinkable as normalcy-II - This has been the greatest political scandal of our time
and finally, here is a recent tirade i found about the Iraq war and how we were all tricked into it.. nothing new here, but this article goes to the point of showing how horribly all segments of our government/military/intelligence failed on 9/11 without quite taking it to the point of questioning their integrity.. here is a quote about Rumsfield's Iraq obsession on the very day of 9/11:

On the afternoon of 11 September, Donald Rumsfeld, having failed to act against those who had just attacked the United States, told his aides to set in motion an attack on Iraq ­ when the evidence was non-existent. Eighteen months later, the invasion of Iraq, unprovoked and based on lies now documented, took place. This epic crime is the greatest political scandal of our time, the latest chapter in the long 20th-century history of the west’s conquests of other lands and their resources.

Hi, Thanks for linking to


Thanks for linking to and for the suggestion to show alternative documentaries. Unfortunately, I haven't been able to get hold of a copy of 'The Great Conspiracy' and as yet the free DVD from Jimmy Walter which you also mentioned has not arrived. In Plane Site is not my first choice of documentary - if there was a DVD version of David Ray Griffin's The New Pearl Harbor I would show that.

i would be more than happy

i would be more than happy to mail you copies of both of these documentaries, please email me at

On a slightly different

On a slightly different matter, please see for details of an action which was carried out against Indymedia UK to protest against their persistent censoring of items regarding September 11th.