Insurer to Investigate 9/11

Shareholder Proposal: Insurer to Investigate 9/11

Allianz Group published a shareholder proposal on April 20th faulting management for ignoring signs of insurance fraud on 9/11/2001. Allianz carried a significant portion of the insurance coverage on the WTC, and stands to pay a corresponding portion of the $3.5 billion payout currently being litigated in New York. In his proposal, shareholder John Leonard, a California native and a publisher of books on 9/11, pointed to reports that building WTC 7 apparently collapsed by demolition, and for no plausible reason related to the 9/11 attacks. Management replied that it relied on official US government reports which made no mention of such evidence.
Numerous observers and researchers find the WTC case very suspicious. For example, in a public opinion survey, 49.3% of respondents in New York City agreed that “some of our leaders knew in advance that attacks were planned on or around September 11, 2001, and that they consciously failed to act.”
When this belief is so widespread among unrelated parties, haven’t the affected insurance companies ever asked whether perhaps the US Government instead of the insurers is responsible for the damages, or whether the possibility of insurance fraud has been investigated?

i actually emailed the lawyer fighting against Larry Silverstein over the insurance money and sent him my article on WTC7.. didnt get a response..

lets see.. are there any odd circumstances surrounding the insurance of the WTC buildings that might warrant a fraud investigation?

anyone got anything else to add to this list? i thought he had doubled the insurance policy prior to 9/11 but i cant seem to find anything on that right now.. i would say that turning $100 million into $4.7 billion, getting 7 all new buildings, the highly suspicious 'collapse' of the WTC7 and admitting that it was demolished would warrant a real investigation.. nah.

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By the way Dan, I've seen

By the way Dan, I've seen your posts at Randi Rhodes, nice job!!!!

One more trail to follow

One more trail to follow might be Lewis Eisenberg and his connections.

Quoting from an article on 9-11 Review ( ) :

"The deal was negotiated by Lewis Eisenberg, the former chairman of the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey. Eisenberg was recently appointed chairman of the Republican National Committee. Eisenberg had resigned from Goldman Sachs in the 1980s after his secretary accused him of sexually harassing her. When New Jersey Gov. Christine Todd Whitman appointed Eisenberg chairman of the Port Authority, in February of 1996, Forbes Magazine wrote that it was "a strange political appointment, considering the part he played in the sex scandal that rocked Goldman and the financial community in the late 1980s."

(BTW, I chose "Anonymous" simply because I'm neither a blogger nor do I have a website. You can find me as Dan R on the Randi Rhodes message board. I'd like to take the opportunity of my first comment here to congratulate you on your tireless efforts to bring the 9/11 issue to a wider audience. Keep it up!)


You know what, the insurance

You know what, the insurance companies and their shareholders could bring this thing out into the open. They've been duped out of Billions. Its good they've finally opened their eyes to the biggest insurance scam this world has ever seen.