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Endless Iraq occupation: how many lives per gallon?

For far too long we've allowed a crass manipulation of the 9/11 attack, combined with false patriotism and our own craven unwillingness to challenge what we know to be terribly wrong, to keep us quiet. Our silence has enabled and facilitated an awful human catastrophe.

this article is a scathing attack on the bush administration.. while it is not focused on 9/11, I found the small quote above to be worth noting.. i also found its comments to the media to be quite on point as well.. 9/11 has been used to justify anything and everything, lets not drag 9/11 through the mud like that..

College Editor Stands Pat on Giuliani-Hitler Likeness

The rest of the episode goes like this: Ben Gore, a senior Middlebury student from Maryland, wrote an opinion piece, "Giuliani Is a Punk, Un-invite Him," that assailed the former mayor's legacy and referred to him as a "racist," which many students find "morally reprehensible." Though Mr. Gore wrote that Mr. Giuliani was "coming to be considered a fascist," before Sept. 11, he did not take the leap of comparing Mr. Giuliani to Hitler. That was left to the retouched photo that ran next to the column, which depicted Mr. Giuliani with a Hitler-style haircut and mustache giving a Nazi salute.

i had heard quite a number of negative statements about Giuliani.. i dont think he was generally liked by a large percentage of new yorkers.. but since 9/11 he has become a national 'hero'.. anyone know much about Guiliani? feel free to comment.

one of my ongoing points on this blog is that almost everything in the media is tied to 9/11.. here is a listing of the most popular phrases by the media: 'before 9/11', 'since 9/11', 'after 9/11', 'post 9/11 era', etc. etc. the number of articles and statements made everyday about 9/11 is astounding.. but almost none of the articles actually talk about 9/11 itself, but rather use it to reference a turning point in which almost anything can be justified.. why dont we talk about the actual events of 9/11? who all ties to that day? who profited? who had prior knowledge? who funded it? etc. etc. etc.

rant complete. open thread, share your 2 cents.

What Tarpley writes about

What Tarpley writes about Giuliani is revealing.