Penn and Teller's Bullshit 9/11 Coverage

Penn and Teller's show 'Bullshit' covered 'conspiracy theories' in their last episode.. it specifically covered 9/11, the moon landing, and the JFK assassination..

i have made the segment on 9/11 available for download for those interested.. i will say that their coverage focused only on the fringe of 9/11 related 'conspiracies', and did not mention the provable lies and deceptions surrounding the event.. they also did their best to show those that question 9/11 as being assholes, and insensitive, ignoring the fact that some family members and rescue workers are still seeking the truth themselves.

in any event, here are the downloads:
full episode bittorrent download (236mb)*
9/11 segment direct download (20mb)**

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special thanks to road66 for the bittorrent link!

actually it appears that

actually it appears that wasnt their main forum.. you can help add to this post here on their forum:

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Anyone interested read two

Anyone interested read two articles one by Harvey Wasserman called Four Bloody lies of war From Havana 1898 to Baghdad 2003(via The Free and An Act Of War-911 By Ted Lang(via Watched very little of Penn&Teller video. (Magicans doing a debunking of an illusion(they did explain how some magic tricks were done)or keeping the illusion masked?)

for those intrested the

for those intrested the Bullshit forum is here:

perhaps some level-headed provable points can be posted in there to help educate people that a 9/11 investigation is desperately needed today.

Wow, i've lost a lot of

Wow, i've lost a lot of respect for penn & teller, this episode reminds me of their magic, it's all bullshit.

Deaths do not condone a Bush

Deaths do not condone a Bush regime
so don't knock people who question government servants who are to serve and
follow the law. Maybe it is time to impeach a lying president.

It seems most people are

It seems most people are finding it intuitively appealing to dismiss the questions surrounding 911 as a "conspiracy theory", as if merely calling it that somehow debunks it. We are socially conditioned these days to scoff at conspiracies. And just like when JFK was assassinated, we have a five star "commission" whose job is to put together an "official story" so that everyone can lay it to rest and get on with their lives. And just like the Warren Commission, everyone senses that the 911 Commission's story is bogus, but it doesn't matter because there is something at stake here which is even more important than the truth. It's vital that we cultivate the safety and security which concensus provides. It's the "power in numbers" mentality again. Our story doesn't need to be true, as long as we have one. And why not make it as palatable as possible then? It's the glue that holds us together. And once a story is agreed upon, questioning it becomes inherently abhorant because it separates one from the group and one's security. No one wants to be looked at as the weird one or the odd man out. Social status is paramount ... This is programmed into us through evolution.

History is riddled with conspiracies. It's not weird that there are conspiracies. It would be weird if there were no conspiracies. Even the most indifferent, uninformed individuals can name a few. The fact that most people have not heard of Operation Northwoods(see footnote 1.), for example, should tell us something. If you have not heard of it, you shouldn't feel bad because it took 40 years for the story to break. The point is that conspiracies are nothing new. Military leaders drafting plans to commit acts of terror on US soil to garner public support for a war is nothing new. Yet many choose to dismiss it as a "conspiracy theory", as if a conspiracy theory by it's very nature is untrue. But they have no problem with the "axis of evil", cave-squatting, walkie-talkie-toting mastermind conspiracy theory. Clearly for the thinking person, this story is only loosely associated with the truth.

entire article:

footnote 1: see

I have a lot of respect for

I have a lot of respect for what Penn & Teller do. But I do have to say on this episode, They are ignoring the people that do have sufficient evidence to question the attacks of 9/11. A great documentary to watch is "LOOSE CHANGE 9/11" It's the BEST.

I couldn't even watch this

I couldn't even watch this whole clip; I've lost so much respect for them. First of all, did he really say he believes that Lee Harvey Oswald was the lone gunmen in the Kennedy assassination? wha? That statement alone says volumes. Second, when he started talking with the firefighter and the sensitive music started playing, I knew where it was going. What he didn't mention was that 95% of NYC firefighters today are convinced of a conspiracy (and at least 60%of NYC police officers). I can't believe he doesn't have access to the information; it's out there. So why would he be saying these things?


Do those numbers come from?

"It was all about finding a way to do it. That was the tone of it. The president saying ‘Go find me a way to do this."