Random 9/11 Mention and Reopen911.org Tour Article

Just happened upon an intresting comment about 9/11 in an interview with Amy Worthington about Iraq and depleted uranium munitions.. i am not too familiar with her work, but i do see that she is one of John Kaminski's top 10 best writers on the internet..

here was the intresting quote:

Ingri: But we could warn potential recruits about what they are getting into if they join the military now..

Amy: Yes, that is one of the most important things we can do. We can try to save lives of many young people who are being bribed with financial incentives to get sucked into radioactive war zones. There are 6,000 military recruiters crawling through our high schools and colleges, mall parking lots and game parlors looking to put their hooks in the jaws of 17-year-olds slated to become the next crop of radiation fodder. These high-pressure war salesmen are turning many of our schools into military recruitment centers. And of course, there is always the possibility of a draft. All Bush-Cheney have to do is stage another 9/11 type terror incident and they will get draft legislation passed overnight!

also, just noticed that apparently Eric Hufschmid will be on the Reopen911.org European Tour as well as a few others.. i updated this topic with the further details..

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