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welp, its a slow day, but here are a few 9/11 related links from today..

'Terror' Banks Targeted in 9/11 Suit
John O'Neill's familiy has filed a lawsuit against specific banks who helped fund 9/11.. i am linking to this in support of his family and their lawsuit, and for those of you who aren't familiar with John O'Neill..

The O'Neill complaint alleges the Dubai Islamic Bank's officers were "directly involved" in the 9/11 attacks, citing a report by U.S. authorities that said al Qaeda obtained "hundreds of thousand of dollars" in money transfers from Dubai Islamic Bank that funded the 9/11 hijackers.

Conflicting Security Assessments Breed Suspicion of Govt Claims

Brian Foley, a law professor at Florida Coastal School of Law in Jacksonville, Fla., took a different view of the threat. "The fact that there's been no major terrorist attack here in more than three and a half years since 9/11, or even a small one except for last week's casualty-free grenade-toss at the British consulate in New York, suggests that the terrorist threat has been enormously exaggerated," he said.
"Perhaps the government has not acted quickly on unpopular-with-industry reforms such as beefing up security at chemical plants because it knows that the threat is far less than our leaders have led us to believe? Compare the government's intransigence in protecting vulnerable industries, ports, and transportation, with its zeal and speed in invading Afghanistan and Iraq, or its warp-speed passage of the USA PATRIOT Act. Plainly, the government can get done what it truly wants to do!"

The American News Media - Tools and Fools and Scapegoats
this article follows up on the recent cesna plane in DC on 5/11.. its a good follow up to this article from 2 days ago..

Take the events of 5/11 for example. An unidentified plane flies into restricted airspace and the White House and Capitol are evacuated. Laura Bush and Nancy Reagan are hustled down to the bunker, Cheney flees to his undisclosed area, Rumsfeld is given the authority to blow the thing out of the sky, everybody's on red alert, folks like you and I are informed about all this shortly after noon but……the leader of the free world doesn't get filled in until forty minutes later? After it was all over? The Secret Service didn't think it was necessary? Bush was too busy riding his bike? Does any of this make you wonder who is really running the country?
One of the best Blogs out there, The Daily Kos, not only managed to reconstruct the plane's flight path (directly over the area where Bush was biking) but also the fact that this area is less than five minutes away, even by bicycle mind you, from NSA headquarters - the nerve center in a national crisis. So again, why wasn't the president notified?

Scott McClellan stated that the protocols enacted after 9/11 "did not require presidential authority for this situation." Excuse me? He also stated that they knew the president wasn't in any danger. Oh really? How did they know? In the forty minutes between the time America was clued in and Bush was finally notified, all hell was breaking loose. The motorcade in which Cheney was whisked away in contained an SUV with the barrel of a large gun sticking out of the roof (compliments of a Blogger/witness) so somebody wasn't taking any chances!

Oh well. At least there are other things to worry about.

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my indication show many of these hijackers are within nyc,nj,boston and dc area and some nypd and fdny employeees and lot more corrupted among the groups and helping in many ways

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