New Articles on the Highjackers and the Pentagon

9.11 Shuck n' Jive at Shuckum's
this is a new article by Daniel Hopsicker, author of 'Welcome to Terrorland - Mohamed Atta & the 9-11 Cover-Up in Florida', and owner of he is well known for his research into Atta and other 9/11 high-jackers trained near Venice Beach, FL.. this new article is in response to a recent book entitled 'Perfect Soldiers' by Terry McDermott, which is apparently focused on the 9/11 highjackers, but directly conflicts with Hopsicker's well documented interviews and research about Atta and his personality and habits..

The book contains no mention at all, for example, of the huge heroin bust (biggest in Central Florida history) on the Lear jet of the flight school owner whose school Atta and Marwan had just arrived to attend, which would certainly seem germane to any discussion of who the hijackers really were, if one of the things they really were was drug smugglers.

7 News Investigation - Pentagon Plot
here is an interview and article on Dr. A.K. Dewdney (owner of its from a local news station in Miami..
this article is about the Pentagon.. I want to make sure that newcomers understand that the opinions surrounding the Pentagon are a contested issue amongst alot of 9/11 researchers and activists.. so, as with all the articles i post, take them with a grain of salt.

The 9/11 Commission v. 19 Named Muslims: A Trial in Absentia
this is a new article which Karl Schwarz has posted.. it is written by Gary Wenkel Smith, a lawyer in San Bernadino, CA.. it is showing how the case against the 19 named terrorists would not stand up in court given the public evidence..

Moreover, the case of the man alleged to have been the ringleader of the hijackers, Mohamed Atta, presents several anomalies. As with each of my clients, he was alleged to be a devout Muslim. The Commission claimed he was so devout as to be fanatic. As such, the use of alcohol would be strictly forbidden. However, Mr. Atta was known to frequent bars, engage in sexual activities with dancers at strip clubs, and to make numerous visits to Las Vegas where he was partying. This information, which was reported in the Wall Street Journal, among other places, was ignored by the Commission. It even claimed that there was no explanation for the trips to Las Vegas. The obvious inconsistency between the alleged behavior and the behavior typical of devout Muslims is most significant. I implore you as jurors to ask why the Commission failed to report these facts.

Further, it was reported by the Commission that Mr. Atta packed his Will, his passport, his international driver�s license, a copy of the Koran, and other personal items to take with him on a plane that was going to be used as a weapon, and hence be completely destroyed. Oddly enough, those items were somehow not loaded on Flight 11, the plane he purportedly hijacked, but instead were left as evidence to be discovered. Not only is this a bizarre coincidence, but strange indeed as Mr. Atta's name was not on the plane's passenger manifest that was made public. The Commission does not mention these odd but important facts. Are you, the jury, interested in knowing why such evidence was not considered?

sounds like a reasonable discussion to have by the mainstream media doesn't it? it's no coincidence that they see no need in informing the public about the questions and lies surrounding 9/11.. nah, not important!

If you are not taking sides

If you are not taking sides on the Pentagon issue you should post the other side of the story too, not just one side.

Here's the link to a good paper on the issue:

kt, i agree that researchers


i agree that researchers should definately research it all.. since this is a blog i am just covering news stories as they come out, not picking sides, or trying to explain all of the surrounding information.. its up to the users of this site to add comments that are on the same subject..

thanks for posting the links, trust that i will post news from all sides as it comes out!

this article linked above,

this article linked above, 'A Trial in Absentia' is a GREAT read.. although the formatting in the article is messed up, the content is very well written.. covering several subjects using references from Griffin's book..

here is another good quote from the end:
"There is an abundance of evidence showing that the Commission's report is not just flawed, but not truthful, and its conclusions are false. Therefore, we must look elsewhere for an answer to 'who did it'. When the truth is hidden, those who are responsible for hiding it must be suspect."