Recording of Last Night's Coast to Coast 9/11 Round Table

Here it is, 3 hours and 54 minutes 5 hours long.. A really insightful, and somewhat argumentative discussion of 9/11 by 4 top dogs in 9/11 research.. You can find further details of this discussion in this topic. Definitely worth checking out!

Hour 1 (13mb MP3)
Hour 2 (13mb MP3)
Hour 3 (13mb MP3)
Hour 4 (13mb MP3)
Hour 5 (13mb MP3)

As usual, if you spread this please give a shoutout to, and please do not hot link to the file, but rather to this site, or the topic (like this).

EDIT: I have heard some say there was 6 hours worth of show, if anyone can find the 6th hour, or let me know if it was only 5 please let me know.. the show was 5 hours long, what is posted is final.

Correction: the link ot

Correction: the link ot "Masters of Terror" is:

Good site! Keep up the good

Good site! Keep up the good work. Would you put up links to all the Alex Jones films available on the Internet Archive?

Search link for most of them is:

One of Jones' films, "Masters of Terror," does not appear in the search page:

mp3s are up, ignore the

mp3s are up, ignore the first comment :)

oh yeah, if anyone can

oh yeah, if anyone can convert this to mp3, or comes across an mp3 version please let me know!

Thanks for this Mystery

Thanks for this Mystery Blogger!

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