9/11 Related Petition - Sign it Now!

I just got a heads up from Doug about an ongoing petition at related to 9/11. This petition has already reached almost 10,000 signatures. This petition has a ton of links covering a ton of information, so it is worth checking out.

Please go and review it and sign it if you feel so inclined:
Investigate and Impeach Bush for Failing to Act on 911 Warnings - And then Lying About It

To: George W. Bush, Dick Cheney, Congress, and the Media

Since 911, Americans have learned about numerous warnings that were received by the Bush Administration before 911.

These numerous warnings were ignored, with fatal consequences for nearly 3,000 people.

If these warnings had not been ignored, the Bush Administration could have protected America by taking decisive action in the days leading up to 911, and on 911 itself.

Moreover, the Bush Administration concealed these crucial facts from Congress and the American people, and then lied about them when they were revealed, in a deliberate effort to cover up its failure to protect America.

We, the American people, call upon the Bush-Cheney administration to take responsibility for failing to protect America, and to resign. If George W. Bush and Dick Cheney refuse to resign, we demand their impeachment by Congress.

The following list contains the most serious warnings that were ignored by the Bush administration.

Individually, each of these failures justifies punishment of those directly responsible.

Collectively, these failures justify the resignation - or impeachment - of George W. Bush and Dick Cheney, who are ultimately responsible for the failure of their Administration to protect the American people.

Feel free to post further information in your comments about what you think should be covered as this petition only discusses the failures to act by the Bush administration, not the possibilities of involvement, or facilitation by previous administrations or intelligence agencies.

And while you are at it, go review and sign these petitions as well if you havent:

(Part 1/2) Your question

(Part 1/2)
Your question stuck in my mind, and I now would like to take the opportunity to answer the question you didn't ask, viz., "If you don't believe signing petitions like this are helpful, what DO you think would be helpful?"

With a nod to Nico Haupt, who told Tom Flocco "We have sufficient evidence. What we are lacking now is the activism.", I offer the following.


When Martin Luther nailed his 95 propositions to the castle church door in 1517, he no doubt considered himself a Catholic who was basically trying to shed light on the abuses of the Church, within the established academic and religious channels. He was working "within the system", certainly not disdaining the entire legitimacy of the Roman Church. In fact, when the theses unexpectedly became public, he tried to retrieve them.

By the time he was excommunicated, things changed. In 1521 he said "Here I stand, I cannot do otherwise". He no longer recognized the authority of the popes and councils.

The people who have sought an accounting for the 911 atrocities have attempted to do so via the legal system and by appealing to the federal government. I honor these individuals, who pursued, and are still pursuing, these approaches. However, it' quite clear that they have mostly come to nothing, and I am not expecting remaining legal action to succeed.

We have, in a sense, already nailed our proposition to the door of the US government, although, unlike Luther, we have not kept our theses private. At this point, some people may think it useful to keep appealing to the government. Jimmy Walter's website (and God bless him for his work, even he is trusting in a failed paradigm) is called And who is it, exactly, that is supposed to reopen 911 investigations?

From Walter's website, we read:

"It is my intention to amass enough petition signatures and influence enough people to force the reopening of the 911 Commission and a criminal investigation by the Attorney General of NY and the District Attorney of Manhattan into the mass murders that were perpetrated at the WTC. Please, PLEASE sign our online petition. Do it now. Please. Please call your Representative, Senators, and the President demanding our government answer these questions and explain the 9/11 CommissionÂ’s omissions and lies."

His appeal for a grassroots effort is sound and admirable. And, as far as I know, there was never any action at all by the Attorney General of NY and the DA of Manhattan, so this effort is indeed thinking out of the box, and certainly worth a shot.

But Walters' appeal to "Please call your Representative, Senators, and the President demanding our government answer these questions and explain the 9/11 CommissionÂ’s omissions and lies." raises the question - hasn't that been done already? (Answer: yes) And is it reasonable to expect anything more than

(Part 2/2) But Walters'

(Part 2/2)
But Walters' appeal to "Please call your Representative, Senators, and the President demanding our government answer these questions and explain the 9/11 CommissionÂ’s omissions and lies." raises the question - hasn't that been done already? (Answer: yes) And is it reasonable to expect anything more than a pseudo-effort, at best, or to be ignored, at worst? (Answer: no, at least not at this time).

I think we need to act more like Martin Luther of 1521 and less like Martin Luther of 1517. From 1517 to 1521 was 4 years, and we are now 4 years after 2001. I think it's time.


NOR DO I THINK WE SHOULD DEMAND ANYTHING (At least at this time. As if they cared!)

I THINK THE TIME HAS COME TO TELL THE 'POPE' (I.E., THE US GOVERNMENT) "You are extraordinarily corrupt, and hence illegitimate. We KNOW 911 was an inside job, at least with regards to the WTC collapse, and the cover-up of this and other crimes by George Bush, Dick Cheney, and assorted other functionaries in various government agencies means that they are, at the very least, treasonous accomplices after the fact. We unreservedly accuse Bush and Cheney of treason and accomplice to murder (even if after the fact). As President Bush has said, "You are either with us, or against us."

In this spirit, we call on all private citizens to examine our bases for these accusations, and to publicly declare whether they support our accusations, or are opposed to them."


The "petition" I would offer would then lay out various ACCUSATIONS, starting with the most treasonable ('MIHOP-friendly'), which certainly includes the WTC collapses. It should also include 'LIHOP-friendly' accusations. People could check off specific accusations they support. Observing the KISS principle, I would cut off the list at 10 or so.

Since we are not pursuing a legal remedy here, we do not have to name individuals (other than Bush, Cheney, and the members of the 911 commission, IMHO). Thus, we can dismiss the whining complaints of a Peter Lance.

E.g., we know the FEMA report was a fairy tale, and serves to cover-up the WTC collapse. Thus, we can safely accuse FEMA of being a treasonous government agency, even if we don't know who exactly wrote the lies in their report.

I certainly would not want to falsely accuse anybody of anything. E.g., I would not accuse Bush by saying "Bush Knew", when I don't really know that. I DO know that he helped cover up.


Needless to say, private citizens in all walks of life should be asked to declare themselves. But I would make special categories for people who are or were in government, intelligence, and military. Also, I would make a special category for victim family members, as well as actual and potential whistle blowers.

I will not sign the

I will not sign the petition because I suspect it's main purposes are to a) siphon off more useful 911 activist energy b) divert attention from the most damning and treasonous evidence 3) put a political spin on the 911 truth movement which will prove fertile ground for the likes of Limbaugh, O'Reilly, and Hannity.

Note well that the word "ignored" is used 17 times. The acronym CIA is used 0 times, and the acronym WTC is used exactly once ("They ignored warnings from Moroccan intelligence in August that Bin Laden was "very disappointed" by the failure of the 1993 WTC bombing,") Well now, if most or all of the "puts" referred to by this petition went through AB Brown, and CIA's Buzzy Krongard was formerly CEO of AB Brown, one would think that the petition would mention this fact. Hmmmm.

In other words, the points raised therein buttress the Gross Incompetency theory, which I call the "oops theory". It apparently presupposes that Bin Laden planned or at least facilitated the whole thing.

This petition ignores:

The fact that Mohammed Atta's profile was that of a drug running intelligence asset, pink-haired stripper girlfriend and all. And who was quite alive when he spoke to his father on Sept. 12, 2001.

The fact that the FEMA report of the collapse of the WTC buildings is a farce covering up the simple scientific facts that unambiguously point to a source of energy other than the planes, their fuel, and secondary fires. (Almost certainly, the source was explosives.)

And therefore the fact that Osama Bin Laden could not have brought down the WTC buildings, which points to 911 being a US Government black op. The last time I checked, the Bush Administration, CIA, FEMA, FBI, NIST etc. were all parts of the US Government. Since they are all helping to coverup what really happened, there are individuals in all of those branches of government who are, at the very least, accomplices after the fact.

I'm not a lawyer, but I

I'm not a lawyer, but I believe that proving obstruction of justice would be easier, not harder, if you point out that the FEMA report is a fairy tale. OTOH, would it be easier or harder to cast a wide net and catch all the perps, including those high up in the CIA or Joint Chiefs of Staff, not just Bush? Admittedly, that would be harder - I presume they would resort to violence or outright totalitariasm rather than go to jail.

However, I really don't think we'll ever get satisfaction from the courts or Congress, anyway. I think it's far more important to completely discredit our government in the eyes and mind of the average Joe so that they get off their duffs and get politically active. I don't have great faith in democracy or the Average Joe, either, but clearly our current rulers are flirting with WW3. Furthermore, their propensity to commit genocide via depleted uranium weaponry, the effects of which will last millions of years, makes it a moral duty to do what we can to disempower these evil men.

I can't get the pictures of that cute little Iraqi girl whose picture was all over the place during at least one of those big protest marches in DC. Nor the horrible picture of an Iraqi baby with truly grotesque deformities, most likely due to DU. The gross deformities that some of our own GI's children are suffering with are also horrible.

THEY are what is important, not throwing Bush in jail or figuring out the great 911 mystery, in all it's treacherous detail. God's laws will deal with Cheney, Bush, Myers, et. al. They haven't gotten away with anything.

sl, thanks for the

sl, thanks for the comments.

do you not think impeaching the current administration under the lower context that they allowed it to happen could lead to a more full-out assault on the official story and a real outing of information?

i know quite a few who would agree with you, ultimate accountability and not just impeachment is what we really need. thanks again for your insightful comments.