Mid Week Open Thread

What have I missed? Any upcoming events I don't have listed?
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Some blog info listing

Some blog info listing anomolies with the London events of 7/7,

Also have a look at the site: http://www.palmcoder.net/index.php?cat=1 , under the item 'All these conspiracies are attracting attention' (July 13th)....

yeah, ive got some

yeah, ive got some interesting consistent visitors as well.. but i want them to keep checking out what is going on, so i wont call them out for visiting :)

Flight 93 memorial in the

Flight 93 memorial in the works
Federal legislation is moving ahead for site at the Capitol

"It isn't clear yet what form the Capitol memorial would take. It could be a simple plaque, although Brent Glass, director of the Smithsonian Museum of American History, told the committee the wording has to be drafted carefully, because history may never know the intentions of the people aboard Flight 93 who disrupted the hijacking or the real target of the hijackers."


Bin Laden Brothers Tip-Off

Bin Laden Brothers Tip-Off Two NASA Research Scientists In 1987 About U.S. Government Plans To Cause 9/11; Now Third Person Comes Forward To Verify Scientists' Incredible Story

Besides the tip-off about 9/11, one of the researchers involved in a government-funded advanced brain development program says she uncovered a secret study called "Global Cleanse 2000" outlining U.S. Government strategies for intitiating global war and population reduction.
July 27, 2005