Hi-Res Scans of Major 9/11 Article in Daily Mail

A few days ago in a thread called 9/11 ON TRIAL Article in the Daily Mail I made brief reference to an article on 9/11 being in a publication called the 'Daily Mail'.

At the time I didn't realize that the Daily Mail is a very large publication in the UK. According to a user here this is one of the top newspapers in the UK, and after getting the scans of the article today I have to say it is quite refreshing to see such major coverage!

Check out the scans by clicking the thumbnails below:


These scans were ganked from stalefish1.slopez.co.uk, thanks a bunch!

More scans and the full article text can be found here as well.

Thank God that a major

Thank God that a major publication finnally has the guts to go for the throat of THE CRUX ISSUE of 911.

It was a set up.

It was a set up.

Yesm, it was good to see it

Yesm, it was good to see it getting press coverage, only 4 years late! But still, the journalist still hemmed and haad and still talks of conspircay theorists.

The Daily Mail has also reviewed David Ray Griffins The New Pearl Harbour: