Open Thread - Back to Town

Tommorrow will be a day of traveling for me. I've already got a few things to cover when I get back, as well as anything sent through email.

Post anything that might come up until I do a full update this weekend.

Just in case anybody missed

Just in case anybody missed this because itÂ’s really good;

Re; New video called “You are being lied to…”

"Something In The Basement

The 9/11 Tapes CAUTION: Will

The 9/11 Tapes

CAUTION: Will probably make you cry...

Jesus... where the hell is

Jesus... where the hell is dz...

C-SPAN To Cover Entire 9/11 Congressional Briefing

C-Span!!!!! Thank you..

C-Span!!!!! Thank you.. (faint!)

You ok man?

You ok man?

...visions of Truth Justice

...visions of Truth Justice and the American Way dancing in my HEad, man...

:) Frank.. you're funny...

:) Frank.. you're funny... come sign up on my site...

"I'm down the block by the

im back.. getting everything

im back.. getting everything together.. will be posting stuff shortly.. thanks for all the comments everyone!

Well? Tick Tock Tick

Well? Tick Tock Tick Tock... :)

Your blog sure has a 'funny'

Your blog sure has a 'funny' way of thanking for all the comments...

Some of the comments left during your absence have been PURGED from this thread!

And, during your absence, your blog was presenting different (number of) comments to various visitors (some saw as many as 14, many saw as few as 2, or even zero).

How come your blog is so, er, non-linear and, er, forgetful, Roger?

It's as if 911blogger deals from the bottom of the deck sometimes...

One of the missing (purged?)

One of the missing (purged?) posts had a link to a discussion of disinformation amidst the 911 truth movement:

Web surfer... that link

Web surfer... that link doesn't work, so why shouldn't broken links be deleted?

i havent deleted any

i havent deleted any comments.. as for the number of comments shown, that is all handled by the commenting system.. ive noticed that some of my direct link threads show 0 comments when there are actually 20+, i don't know if there is something i can do to address that or not.

as for 'dealing from the bottom of the deck', i dont follow your analogy, and i dont beleive i am doing anything other than blogging 9/11 alternative news, if you have any suggestions feel free to send them in, its not like i am inaccessable.

Blimp Pilot, let me know

Blimp Pilot,

let me know what you mean by 'non-linear', the only real order here is the order in which i post new entries.. also, if i have forgotten something let me know that as well.

p.s. feel free to post comments and give suggestions, but there's no need to insinuate negative things about me or what i do, especially under a fake name.

dz, I was involved in


I was involved in noticing that not everyone was being presented the same # of comments. I haven't insinuated negative things about you or what you do, nor do I see any reason for you to take that post personally.

It sounds like you've noticed the same thing about this blog's discrepancy in the # of posts. That discrepancy can lead to confusion (especially among several people at different locations who are each seeing something different from the same URL!)...

It looks like JavaScript (client) and blogger (server side haloscan/other?) software are involved in presenting the page each time.


The link above your 2:54 pm 'broken link' comment works for me. Broken links can be fixed, or commented, but probably should not be silently deleted...