4th Anniversary - Donna Marsh O'Connor at the U.N. - Video Download

Donna Marsh O'Connor spoke at the rally at the UN on 9/11/2005. Her daughter died on 9/11 in the 2nd tower. She has written a few articles in the past for Project for the OLD American Century. She also spoke at the church later in the evening. I hope you guys watch this and can appreciate her compassion and frustration.

Within the next day or so I should have a lot more videos posted, but I wanted to at least get one video posted tonight, and I thought this might be a good place to start.

if you have issues with this

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I just want to say, after

I just want to say, after watching that, I shed a tear for those people who died that day~ 911 is a lie~



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Have uploaded the vid to:


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Was it me, or did she say

Was it me, or did she say before speaking in the mic that she was disappointed?

Thomas, She half joked (but


She half joked (but was serious) that she was disapointed at the number of people in business suits which turned out for the rally, saying she didn't want to only speak to those already 'converted'.

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