9/11 aircraft parts as a clue to their identity

9/11 aircraft parts as a clue to their identity

The proposition arrived at here is this: the 911 hijackings and damage to buildings were not the work of Arab terrorists, but appear to have been part of a black operation carried out with the cooperation of elements in the U.S. government.
As painful and heartbreaking as was the loss of innocent lives and the lingering health problems of thousands more, a most troublesome and nightmarish probability remains that so many Americans appear to be involved in the most heinous conspiracy in our country's history.

What do you guys think about this article?

We're discussing this and

We're discussing this and wondering if this guy has any credibility. I've done some googling and it appears he has received a few awards (if its the same guy), but there is nothing else out there on him.

Excellent story if its on the up and up.

What does credibility

What does credibility matter, as long as it supports our cause? Most of the people quoted lack credibility, but don't forget it is the cause that matters most. Get Bush, no matter what the cost.

There is probably more arabic media with things like this in it that we could use. Maybe even Al Qaeda has some stuff we could use on one of their websites.

Yeah, but you can't go

Yeah, but you can't go spreading around information if the guy that wrote it is lying. Without some credibility, the skeptics simply ignore the message.

What does credibility

What does credibility matter, as long as it supports our cause?

What does credibility

What does credibility matter, as long as it supports our cause? Oops hit the wrong key a second ago. CREDIBILITY does matter, otherwise the cause to get the truth out hurts. We need to be sure about our sources or its egg on our faces and more deaf ears.

well, i think the comments

well, i think the comments in the article are aspoused by alot of different people.. i think the credibility of the person saying it could only add to the overall credibility of the theories he discusses..

Pissed off

Pissed off paleo-conservative Republican Karl Schwarz (also running for preznit) has been on the trail of the airplane remains all year:

Well of course the physical

Well of course the physical evidence does not support the government's contentions! Why do you think there are so many people ("leaders"!) within the 911 truth movement who wish to suppress/gatekeep all such evidence?

Why do so many people want to let some arbitrary ambiguous measure of "credibility" do their thinking for them? Even if everything an author ever wrote is a lie, does that mean that an article can not be full of truths? (Remember, in the parable of The Boy Who Cried Wolf, the villagers labeled the boy a liar, so they disregarded everything he said after that, to the detriment of the labelers, who let their own label do their lazy 'thinking' for them!)

911truth.org and 911citizenswatch.org have destroyed their own credibility as honest purveyors of unvarnished 911 truth (they are overtly guilty of at least two totally unacceptable and counterproductive behaviors: they conceal/omit/suppress/gatekeep most of the best evidence which proves that our government has lied to us about 9/11. Plus, they also suppress/marginalize/censor other 911 sites which work hard to let the cat out of the bag), yet here we all are typing comments into a blog which goes out of its way to promote 911truth.org with 3 mini-banners in the upper corner of its main page.

It's long past time we learned to take at least some things at face value, and pay more attention to what people do than what they say. Once we stop believing "our own lying eyes" and the physical evidence, as the LIHOPers (LIHOP = LImited HangOut Practitioner) would prefer, it's all over for the truth about 911.

it seems he writes from

it seems he writes from physics911.net if that means anything and he is a retired US Air Force colonel.

"Dave"... you should watch

"Dave"... you should watch this.

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You may learn something.

HA HA at Mary...

HA HA at Mary...