Flight77.info Requests Release of 85 Video Tapes Related to Pentagon 'Crash'

Flight77.info has submitted a request via the FOIA for 85 videos related to the attack on the Pentagon on 9/11. You can find a scan of the document request here.

While the Pentagon 'crash' remains a point of contention for some, hopefully a lot can be learned from the videos released, if it ever happens.

I like rooting for this guy.

I like rooting for this guy.

me too! but it is curious

me too!

but it is curious did they not release the videos of the hotel and gas station because in their words "they did not show flight 77 hitting the pentagon"

well, if you believe flight 77 wasn't involved in hitting the pentagon then...


rayray, how ironic would it


how ironic would it be if they didnt respond to his request because none of their footage actually showed flight77 hitting the building? i mean that would be pretty tough to beleive.. if they have 85 videos and none of them show it.. i mean that is something pretty serious right there.. i have my fingers crossed for him.

...seems to me that the only

...seems to me that the only way it's "pretty tough to believe" that no footage shows Flt 77 hitting the Pentagon is if:

1) one is somehow convinced, despite a total lack of evidence to support, and despite the evidence which refutes, the wacked-out consipiracy theory which says that hijackers in a 757 did that.

or else

2) one wonders why, after all this time, none has been synthesized. (No WMDs were planted in Iraq...)

Is there some other explanation I haven't thought of?

it would be pretty tough for

it would be pretty tough for the public to believe that of 85 videos confiscated not a single one of those videos showed flight 77 given the official story.. in other words, it would make the public realize something was fishy. (not that they shouldn't already).