Jim Hoffman on Guns and Butter Radio Show

Building A Better Mirage: NIST's Cover-Up Of The Crime Of The Century

Jim Hoffman was on Guns and Butter today talking about the NIST report on the WTC 'collapses'. Should be worth checking it out, feel free to post any comments on this interview.

Thanks Kevin for the heads up!

Humour me... if not

Humour me... if not controlled demolition, and you seem to infer there were not even any planes... then what brought down the towers?

As an aside, I'm pretty sure last time JH was on GnB he had some theory about a microwave weapon or something. He seems to have dropped this line since then (judging by what he said on the other night's show)

blimp pilot... please

blimp pilot... please describe the "bogus plane theory".

Jim Hoffman is, and always

Jim Hoffman is, and always has been, my favorite plane-hugger.

Jim's analysis is, as always, excellent, with the sole exception that he has not yet realized the full extent of the government's big lie.

So while Jim recognizes how the NIST report is designed to substantiate the bogus collapse theory, and Jim recognizes how much of the report was devoted to extensively modeling "the planes" (down to the turbine blades), Jim fails to recognize how the report was designed and intended to substantiate the bogus plane theory.

Other than continuing to fall for, and then helping to substantiate, that portion of The Big Lie, nice work, Jim!

One other difference I have

One other difference I have with Jim: He sometimes says that the buildings were "destroyed by controlled demolition".

That is not true.

The twin towers were apparently brought down by controlled demolition, but that is not what caused the incredibly, impossibly fine powdery dust, nor the huge pyroclastic dust cloud, nor the impossibly-high elevated temperatures witnessed long after the collapses.

Conventional explosives seem to be able to account for the collapses, but not for the complete total highly-anomalous devastation that followed.

blimp pilot... humor me.

blimp pilot... humor me. Explain "bogus plane theory" please.