'Boondocks' Commercial References 9/11 Government Lies

A commercial for a new show called 'Boondocks' on cartoon network just came on a few minutes ago, it said something like this:

Excuse me, I have an announcement:

Jesus was black.
Regan was the devil, and
The government lied about 9/11.

The cartoon strip this new show is based on has had some interesting strips in the past, here are a few samples:

may be worth checking out.. it premiers November 6th.. the commercial is running regularly on latenight cartoon network, so if anyone can grab it please do so.

I'll have something ripped

I'll have something ripped by tonight. I'll send you the link.

What's up? I was looking for

What's up? I was looking for people who already have complains about a show that didn't air yet. I captured the commericals, so if you want to see them, hit up my site. Late.

first...this is a racist

first...this is a racist cartoon...2nd...how can you say the gov. lied about 9/11 ??? 3rd...who cares what color god is...and 4th Regan is 10 times better than anyone on this strip will never be. bunch a friken losers we have here...oh yeah, i forgot, this is america. it makes me sick to see this commercial any time it comes on. someone should stick their foot up their butt hole, while the other foot is already in .