Mujca 1st Anniversary - Event in Madison Tonight

Just got an email from Kevin Barrett about an event tonight (10/29) in Madison, WI.

Check it out:

The Muslim-Jewish-Christian Alliance for 9/11 Truth will celebrate its first anniversary on Sunday, October 30th--the night author Sander Hicks is coming to Madison (see below for details). That is the holiest day of the Islamic calendar, the 27th of Ramadan--the probable Night of Destiny, when the Qur'an descended to the Prophet Muhammad, peace upon him. On that night last year, US forces began turning the City of Mosques, Fallujah, into Iraq's Guernica. The horror of that event became the painful birth-pangs of MUJCA-NET.

In our first year we gained the endorsement and participation of some of the world's leading religious intellectuals. We sponsored David Griffin's historic U.W.-Madison speech "9/11 and the American Empire" that was nationally broadcast on C-Span. We launched a book project based on that speech that will feature an amazing array of contributors--see:
We brought MUJCA-NET's message to radio and television stations across the USA with numerous guest appearances and phone interviews. And we began building a worldwide network of interfaith 9/11 truth activists who are taking the message to their local communities and congregations.

One year after the razing of Fallujah, we are turning things around. The occupation of Iraq has lost public support and will soon end. The architects of 9/11 are everywhere on the defensive--they are too busy fleeing the truth-seekers to organize another fake attack. Big, positive changes are in the offing.

But we still have plenty of work to do--and we can't do it without you. Please consider donating to MUJCA-NET--just use the PayPal "donate" icon on our home page,

That's great for them.

That's great for them. They're really starting to make a name for themselves.

There is one thing that bothers me about this article though. They state as fact, "they are too busy fleeing the truth-seekers to organize another fake attack."

Although that is probably in the forefront of everyone's mind, we, in fact, don't know it to be true.

Regardless, congratulations Mujca.

Here's a good article from

Here's a good article from the Toronto Star that mentions all of the members of the PNAC without actually saying the PNAC...

Bush administration as dangerous now as before

Israel - By Paul Thompson

I have to agree with Jon on

I have to agree with Jon on this. While I read this rubbed me the wrong way "they are too busy fleeing the truth-seekers to organize another fake attack." I do not think "they" are too busy nor do they appear to be fleeing. I think their gameplans have had most of our reactions mapped out along with their attacks. Which by the way were not fake, recall 2600+ dead on 9-11 and and a few more with the anthrax. Then how many more died in the Madrid and London bombings. I may be giving them too much credit(though I doubt it) but I think "they" are smart, very well organized and extremely disciplined. And of course completely insane which makes them dangerous. I submit that it could be dangerous to become too comforted so long as they are on this side of prison walls. Sad to say I'm actually more likely to believe they have the truth seekers so busy running around that they(we) wouldnt know what hit us.