A Valuable New Tool - Google Print

Google launched their book search engine this week. From what I have read they are scanning an average of 5,000 books a day, all of which are fully available online.

This new search tool is probably a bigger deal than most will initially recognize. While websites contain massive amounts of content, hundreds of thousands of online books will thicken out the detailed reference materials for researchers.

In any event, go check out Google Print now, and post anything snazzy which you come across. You will probably be amazed at the new amount of 9/11 related materials at our fingertips.

Here is a quick search of our favorite lease owner, Larry Silverstein, as an example:
Larry Silverstein google print search

Check it out, and post some comments!


It's very cool, but I can't

It's very cool, but I can't find any of "our" books...

Here's another useful tool

Here's another useful tool to access sites like google print on the sly: http://bugmenot.com/

Hmm, far as I can see, its

Hmm, far as I can see, its only the older books (that copyright has run out on) that are browseable in full.

I was looking around the other day, trying to get Counterpunch's 'The Politics of Anti-Semitism' and Moshe Lewin's 'Lenin's Last Struggle' - but I could only read whatever pages my search terms came up on, not the entire books.

So, possibly not the huge leap forward for open access to information I had been led to believe.

From the help page. Q: I

From the help page.

Q: I really need to see more of this book. What can I do?

A: Google Print helps you discover books, not read them online. To read the whole book, we encourage you to use the "Buy this book" link to purchase it online or the "Find this in a library" link to look for a local library that has it.


Well, thats just bollocks.