Ask Questions, Demand Answers - New Video Download

Yet another great video came in today. This one is from Dem Bruce Lee Styles who has submitted a good bit of music in the past as well.

Check it out, and if you haven't been spreading the videos from this week around, get to it!

NOTE: Last Updated 11/27/2005

Wicked thanks for getting

Wicked thanks for getting this up dude!!!!

Ok people’s thoughts on “Ask Questions Demand Answers”, what do ppl think about it?

Yo Dem Bruce! the vid with

Yo Dem Bruce!

the vid with the music was very emotional and brings up very good questions that we need answers to...great stuff! i'm gonna pass it around to my friends for sure.

BTW - what video editing program do you use?

^ Thanks for the nice words

^ Thanks for the nice words dude, I actually got a bit of inspiration from one of those excellent bomb montage videos you did I think. The programs I use were Windows movie maker 2 which you can actually get for free and is a great program. And Blaze media pro, which you can get a free 15 day trial on. I also used adobe Photoshop and Microsoft paint for a few things also.

HereÂ’s the links where you can kop them;

Windows Movie Maker 2

Blaze Media Pro

Nice work. Lets keep on

Nice work. Lets keep on point with the "explosive" issues. I just want the American people to see what a sick "government" we have. None of these cowards should be showing their face in pulbic wrapped in the flag watching ball games. Keep your friends close and your enemies closer. I just want the average couch potato to learn who the enemy really is.

This is a great video and

This is a great video and inspires me to learn more, read more and back my my arguments with solid facts. I did not know who Paul Wellstone, now I want to know. Thankz. Great Talent.

i use windows movie maker

i use windows movie maker too. Does it ever freeze up on you? mine does almost all the time. I literally have to save after every change i make because the next click might freeze it. i think it started after i upgraded it. does anyone else have this problem?

thanks for the tip on the blaze media, will definitely have to check it out.

BTW- how long does it normally take you to upload a file onto Putfile? i signed up a profile but when i tried to upload a 3mb song, it sat there for an hour saying "upload in progress" before i cancelled the action due to frustration.


To OZ; Cheers dude, thanks

To OZ;
Cheers dude, thanks for those wicked comments!! HereÂ’s a really long trailer for a documentary about Senator Paul Wellstone, it doesnÂ’t go into questioning whether or not his crash was suspicious. But it shows his life brilliantly and itÂ’s quite moving because he was such a good guy.

To rayrayjones;
LOL yea I get the same thing with it, usually it happens after I've tried to load a video file or something. I think I was probably lucky with putfile cus it took me about 10mins or so to upload a 23mb file, although I did sign up for a free account so I could load up to 25mb files, so that might have had something to do with it. It could just be that it got jammed the time you tried it dude, can lock up like that also. But if you try a few more times it'll probably go though.