Open Thread - Taking a Break

It has been a long couple of nights for me and others waiting up 'til the crack of dawn to report on Tucker's latest statements. So tonight I'm going to catch up on some things, and leave the reporting up to you guys.

Send in your comments and new articles and later tonight I'll post a grab bag of your submissions and a few email submissions I've received as well.

I just want to commend you

I just want to commend you on what you and your website are doing.. bringing awareness to the masses on the internet!
Keep up the good fight and hopefully someday the sun will come out from behind the clouds!

Has anybody seen this(Prof.

Has anybody seen this(Prof. Jones report or appearance on Tuckers show?) in the alternative media ie buzzflash or truthout or other so called alternative press?

I know buzzflash was informed I informed them with links to the videos but I have not seen them cover it. Thought maybe I somehow missed it showing up on their website.

Me to... night.

Me to... night.

For those concerned about

For those concerned about possible right-wing origins in the Weldon petition, RawStory is reporting that Dennis Kucinich is one of the members of Congress that has signed the petition.

The second-most jaw-dropping

The second-most jaw-dropping 9/11 live-action video (37 seconds)

Jim Hoffman (cited by Professor Steven Jones) on controlled demo (10 minutes)
Go to
and download your choice format for the video:

ReOpen 911's engineer Jeff King on controlled demo (15 minutes)

Bomb/explosion quotes, extracted from NYT firemen transcripts

The Burden of Knowledge (music)

Thanks dz & contributers.

Thanks dz & contributers.

Hell with BuzzFlash... hell

Hell with BuzzFlash... hell once again as in Cynthia Mckinny case in congress the one with the biggest balls at Buzzflash
was once again a women, Marreen Farrell,just read some of her articles....
so Buzzflash kiss my ass...i wrote the about Steven Jones also

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dz, great job here's an

dz, great job

here's an interview with Indira Singh from October 28, 2005

she covers a lot -- and, unfortunately it isn't transcribed, but the streaming is free

mind-blowing stuff -- she's naming names and talking some about her current research in California, related to 9/11 and the new world order

links are at the first entry in the following thread over at Rigorous Intuition board:

(continued) and, here's a


and, here's a link to the Indira Singh interview from A Closer Look (a radio show out of Colorado with Michael Corbin as host -- I'm not familiar with this one):