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Kerry blames election loss on Sept. 11 attacks

Asked by a reporter outside the White House today what cost him the election, Sen. John Kerry (D-MA) gave a terse reply, RAW STORY can reveal.

"9/11," Kerry said.

9/11 ties to everything..

9/11 ties to everything.. even kerry's loss aparently.. but lets never talk about 9/11 itself, lets just ignore the elephant in the room.

Kerry need's to go away. At

Kerry need's to go away. At least he should shut his trap. Yeah, I voted for him. Never again. And, I doubt I'll ever vote for another Democrat again as a matter of fact. No, I won't Republican. Am I saying I won't vote. Probably. It's sickening.

At first, I didn't know what

At first, I didn't know what to make of this, but the fact of the matter is, he lost that election because of vote tampering. I didn't vote for him. I voted for David Cobb, but there were RECORD turn outs for voters AGAINST Bush, and he STILL won. Therefore, to say 9/11 is wrong. However, if you want to say that Bush used 9/11 at EVERY god damned opportunity, you bet your ass he did. The time of 9/11 was the MOST popular for President George W. Bush. He milked 9/11 for EVERYTHING it was worth, and disgraced a planet in doing so.

Unless he was referring to 9/11 as being their "power grab"...

a few other quick links for

a few other quick links for the night:

9/11 Related Flyers (including new WTC7 flyer):

Able Danger Petition to Rumsfeld:

I'd have to agree with

I'd have to agree with Kerry... without 9/11, I believe Bush would have been a one-termer.

Anyway, I wanted to say hello! This site has become a daily visit for me. Very well done and excellent information... it's the site I'm pointing new 9/11 researchers.

On another note, I wanted to forward an interesting post I made on "message board". They sent out an email requesting topics from members for their 2006 agenda... please read my post, and the commentary afterward.


We cannot move forward without acknowledging the overwhelming evidence that suggests a different version of what happened on September 11, 2001. The omissions and distortions in the 9/11 Commission's Report amounts to a cover-up by government officials and the available evidence suggests that the Bush administration was complicit in the 9/11 attacks.

Without 9/11, the Patriot Act would have never been passed.
Without 9/11, the US would've never adopted the PNAC's pre-emptive foreign policy.
Without 9/11, the US would've never started the Iraq War.
Without 9/11, President Bush would've never been able to sell fear in order deliver himself a second term.
Without 9/11, the Neocon agenda would've never found legs to stand on.

There is too much at stake to ignore the mounting evidence that suggests a different version of what took place on that fateful September day in 2001.

Please consider adding this subject as one of the platforms of your 2006 campaign. There are millions of Americans that support the call for an independent 9/11 investigation and want the truth to come out with regard to 9/11. could help to shed some light on this extremely important topic.


Dennis Lapchis

For research information...

Reopen 9/11 Investigation

The 9/11 Commission Report: Omissions and Distortions

BYU Professor Thinks Bombs, Not Planes, Toppled WTC

Why Did the Trade Center Skyscrapers Collapse?"

OK, what I found amazing was that 16 out of 18 people that voted on my post gave it a 4 out of 5 stars! Almost 90% of the people that voted agreed with me! I saw this as a great example of how many people want a further investigation done into 9/11, despite the absence of discussion on the mainstream media outlets.

Anyway, keep up the great work, and keep talking to people. I believe that this topic lies just under the surface for many people in this country... it's sites like this that will help bring the 9/11 truth to light.



DAMN...THEY GOT IT ON EXTENDED report...awesome...great job, great interviews...

they showed the good footage too.

Oh, man...that kicks ass, on a FIX, I mean FOX affiliate no less.

what is the city/region that this affiliate serves?? How many in the viewing audiences?

man oh man

WICZ-10, the FOX affiliate

WICZ-10, the FOX affiliate based out of Binghamton, NY

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Nice presentation on Fox! I

Nice presentation on Fox! I was a little skeptic, thought it would be like Tucker Carlson´s interview with Steven Jones.

The revolution is coming, and soon you real patriots can shine. And the rest of the world be safer.

I believe 2006 will be the

I believe 2006 will be the year where 9/11 Truth will no longer be able to be denied by neither the left nor the right, nor in the consciousness of America. I think there will be an undeniable "9/11 Deepthroat", and an army of Woodward and Bernstein's ready to stand up. 9/11 Truth I personally feel will be moved out of the conspiracy fringe, and not just into activism, but on the lips of everyone from watercoolers to the dinner table. The Neocons cabal in control is growing more rabid, and the outer shell crumbling.

What should the focus be on 1996?
I see 5 main charge points.
Proof that Cheney was the sole commander for shootdown orders, and allowed the planes to attack(we know he allowed Flight 77 to hit) Sibel Edmonds, and the armada of whistleblowers. Follow the money trail: Ptech, CIA, front companies and how it's all in bed with the government and terrorists. The towers of course, and move to unrefutable proof that the towers came down from explosives. I also say welcome the Able Danger stuff, as well as any official calling 9/11 a coverup(LIHOP, MIHOP, criminal pre intel's all helpful)

2004 was way too early, in 2005 people were starting to wake up. 2006 is when 9/11 truth cannot be ignored. It took what, 30 years for people to even look at and accept JFK on a mainstream level as a conspiracy? I think 5 years should be just about right here.

As for Kerry, well...I disagree with Jones about him being some puppet for the 'new world order'. He's done good, I mean he's the one that first uncovered the CIA crack cocaine connection. But he was the wrong choice for the dems to select. He lost because he had nothing to really offer.

As for Loose Change 2nd edition on that Fox Affiliate...damn, I guess not all the media can be tightly controlled. That clip was just beautiful...seeing three bright kids passionately yet articulately say what needs to be said. Wow, very very good.
Maybe this will be the beginning of mainstream coverage?

i see someone beat me to the

i see someone beat me to the punch about fox! great stuff..

expect a full review of loose change 2 here on tonight, i got my copy last night and after watching a little over an hour of it i was blown away again by dylan's work.. ill have a full writeup of it later tonight.

awesome stuff.. be sure to thank the bingham fox affiliate!!!

If we can get a bunch of

If we can get a bunch of people to email Crooks and Liars to see if the Fox 911 video clip can be put on their blog, I think it would be great.

crooksandliars@gmail -dot- com

i need both editions of

i need both editions of Loose Change.somebody help me out.

Kerry may not be a puppet

Kerry may not be a puppet for the new world order elitists,but he damn sure conceded with the quickness on election night didnt he?cant step on his fellow Bonesmans toes right? John Edwards was reportedly infuriated at Kerry for laying down so fast.if Kerry wanted to win the last election, it would have been so easy to use 9/11 against them, but he let them use it against him.i have no respect for Kerry.

I have mixed feelings about

I have mixed feelings about this nonsense.

My first impressions is : OMG, he sounds just like Bush,wherein everything he says must tie into 911, as that is his sole "accomplishment" (ha! not in the sense his fans think it is). People now even TIME his speeches to see how long it will take to mention 911.

So now we have Kerry, most of who's foreign policy speeches during the campaign were as war-like as President Bush's, speaking yet again like Bush. Bush with a brain, if you will.

This just underscores to what a low place the country has fallen. Yet the American electorate still tolerates people like Bush and Kerry. How sad.

I have followed the Great Election Theft of '04, and have no doubt at all that Kerry won. The original paper by statistician Freeman indicated that the odds of Bush winning legitimately had odds of only being correct of about 250 million to 1. He later corrected this result to about 900,000 + to 1. A statistical impossibility, in other words. (Start your search for more info at Also, they need $$ and non-$$ help, so please do so if the spirit moves you.)

And were the Democrats hopping mad about this, do they ceaselessly remind the public that the election was stolen and that Bush is illegitimate, and that they should take to the streets to demand an honest, open, verifiable election system?



So much for America's opposition party. While there are individual Democrats and Republicans I admire, as far as I'm concerned, you can take both parties and flush them down a toilet.

People DIED so Americans, particularly black Americans, can vote freely and pick their own representatives.

Thus, Kerry, Bush, the Republicans as a whole, and the Democrats as a whole, are traitors, even apart from 911.

If it were up to me, I would strip Kerry of his US citizenship. The fact that the Democrats don't even ASK him to leave the party is also indicative of just what a bunch of yellow bellied cowards they are.

Oh! Now you got me started!

Sorry, there were a few

Sorry, there were a few opposition votes. In the Senate, I think there was exactly 1.

If Kerry had any guts, when

If Kerry had any guts, when they asked him how he lost the election, his answer would have been: Vote tampering.

pockybot sed: (we know he

pockybot sed:

(we know he allowed Flight 77 to hit)

and, we also know that whatever hit the pentagon, it wasn't a 757::

Kerry is a superior actor to

Kerry is a superior actor to Bush but he is nothing but a fake patriot thick as thieves with the same networks that Bush fronts for. Watching the last presidential debates I wanted to puke as Kerry played his little skull and bones games with Bush. Just saw the two of them on the news last nite shakeing hands with that little twinkle in their eyes. I pity our nation for people who have anything nice to say about that guy at this point. If he wasnt going to run with the ball in the first place he should have passed instead of working so hard to look as dumb as Bush. Million bullets he never fired. *uck Him!

C and JAYBIRD, thank you --

C and JAYBIRD, thank you -- Kerry is definitely in on the whole scam. It's too obvious to those of us connecting the dots. If we're wrong, then Kerry is a total idiot, and I really don't think that's the case. We were duped people, over and over and over.... I don't have the answer. We're probably either going to have a violent revolution (nothing else seems to work) or we'll all just end up slaves to the New World Order.

Scott Ritter makes a very

Scott Ritter makes a very good and important speech on how everyone get's fooled by the dems and repubs.
Learn a bit middle-east USA history and were we are headed.

Expect a war with Iran with possible use of nuclear weapons...I wonder how they are going to get that war going. Another 9/11?

somebigguy hit the nail

somebigguy hit the nail directly.

all it takes is for one of the next Democratic presidential candidates to ask why Diebold can make ATM which instantly calculate your balance AND print you out a receipt, but can't print out a receipt of my vote choice??

And kerry knew it.